Monday, 21 July 2014

Miette and Me

Did you think I'd stopped at 200 blog posts? Naaaaah. I hadn't realised I had been away for quite so long really. Blogging is a real luxury, a real investment of time and for over a month now I wanted to spend my time wisely. Meeting deadlines, enjoying summer and being a mother. My eldest son had his last day at pre-school on Friday and so for the past few weeks we have been busy with trips to his 'big' infant school as well as his usual pre-school journeys, built around my day of cleaning, feeding, writing and crocheting. Phew. 

But it's the school holidays and I have time to sew, crochet and perhaps even knit!

I started my summer stitching odyssey with some sewing. Yes, some sewing. I have been wanting to really conquer my fear of the sewing machine and while the last few projects I made haven't looked that great, they've really helped build my confidence. I had been poring over fabric websites, choosing my projects and thinking long and hard about what I wanted to make. Would I wear it? What would I wear it with? And when? So I felt pretty confident ordering the Miette skirt pattern from Tilly and the Buttons and some beautiful chambray fabric. I dusted off Betsy, set up a little work station in my kitchen and got to work, cutting the pattern pieces one night and sewing the next. Back door open, listening to the storm and sewing in my vest and pants made me very happy on a sweaty, hot evening. 

And here's the result!

Top stitched pockets!
 Stitching in the ditch (OK, so this is the only section where it actually went in the ditch...)!
 And a lovely A-line skirt with pockets!
 I wore it to the seaside yesterday. 
Yes we had a grand time paddling, eating cockles, building sandcastles, eating Rossi's ice cream and all those things one is contractually obliged to do in Leigh-on-Sea. The chambray fabric was lovely and cool.
 And the A-line shape is so flattering- I look so slim here! I am not this skinny in real life. 
My stripe top is from H&M and the red clogs are my trusty Lottas. 

All in all it took around five hours to complete. I spent a long time assembling the printed PDF pattern, and cutting the pattern pieces carefully one evening. Then the following evening I sat down and sewed it, checking each instruction on Tilly's blog once, twice and even thrice. I ironed every seam, trimmed every bulky hem and followed every tiny instruction carefully, and it took around four hours to sew. The only swearing I did was when I realised my bobbin had run out while I was sewing the waistband and ties on...silly the me. Apart from that, it was an absolute delight to sew. And I'm thrilled with my Miette! I am planning a winter one now in indigo denim to wear with mustard tights and a long-sleeve Breton. Perhaps even Tilly's Coco top?

A sewing success! Hurrah! 

I have plenty more to witter on about this week so I hope to see you soon. 



  1. It looks fab, and so do you! X

  2. It looks gorgeous! I need to up my confidence and give sewing clothing a go. Very inspiring, thank you ... Bee x

  3. Lovely! and such a great idea for your winter wardrobe!

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm so thrilled with it, it really is a great confidence builder to make something as lovely as this with pretty simply straight lines. Can't wait to get the materials in for my next couple of projects!

  5. You're getting to grips with this malarkey quicker than you think. Taking time is the most important bit. I used to rush and the stuff I made wasn't so great, now I make myself slow down. I saw a fabulous denim with gold stars all over which I might make one of these skirts in for my daughter. Somewhere in Tilly's feed I saw pockets in the shape of a cloud , think of cloud cut in half with central stitching so pocket either side. Thought that was a great idea. X


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