Friday, 14 December 2012

Chunky Rib Cowl tutorial

Brrrrrrrrr it sure is cold outside! But it's warm inside. And that's because I've been making lots of these fantastic cowls! This pattern is super simple, even a beginner could do it. It's also perfect for making last-minute gifts as it only takes a couple of hours to whip one up! Wanna see what I'm talking about? Ok then...

Isn't it luuuurrrverly? So toasty and soft too. So here's how you make one. 

You will need:-
8mm Hook
Around 150g Super Chunky yarn, such as Rowan Big Wool (shown above in Burnt Orange) or Stylecraft Life Super Chunky (shown below in Sage)
Scissors and Darning needle

Crochet is in UK terminology. You'll need to know how to chain (Ch), slip stitch (ss) and treble crochet (tr).

Foundation: Make a slip knot on your chunky hook, and chain 24 to begin

Row 1: work 1tr in to the fourth ch from your hook, as shown:
Work 1 tr into each ch to the end. You should have 22 stitches, as the ch 3 at the beginning counts as your first treble crochet. Turn your work so that you're working from right to left.

Row 2: Chain 3 (counts as 1tr). Skip the very first st of the row. Work 1tr into the BACK LOOP of the next stitch below. If you look at the work from above, you'll see a series of 'V's. Just insert the hook into back loop, rather than both at once. See below, where my finger is pointing is the correct place to insert the hook, and you can see that I've begun working my treble into the back loop:

work 1tr into each stitch (back loops only) all the way across.

Once you get to the end, work the last stitch into the top of the ch3 of the row below. This is your turning chain. Again, work the stitch into the back loop as below:

 Turn your work.

Row 3- 36: Work as row 2! Skipping the first stitch and working the last tr into the turning chain will ensure you have very straight, neat edge. Work the pattern for 36 rows.

Row 37: To join the two short ends together seamlessly, you'll work your final row slightly differently. Line up the two short ends so the stitches match. There should be 22 stitches at the beginning, and 22 stitches in the 36th row. Ch 3, then insert the hook into the bottom of the first stitch of the first row you made. Remember you'll have started with a chain, so you'll be working the stitches into the ch sts. Pull a loop through- slip stitch made! Work 1tr into next st. Insert hook into next stitch of first row- as below:
Continue along to the end. You should have a ridged join that vaguely resembles a pretty plait, which doesn't look too different to the other ribs! Et voila...

Take your darning needle and weave in the ends on the reverse, pulling the ends in tightly to neaten the edges and make sure they don't work loose.

Now slip on over your head and feel the cosiness! Or, wrap it up and give it a present, up to you. I have made three for presents and can't help wearing them...

Happy hooking!


  1. So cosy, I think I might treat myself to that mag! :)

  2. Love this - I've been making cowls until they come out of my ears for presents, but I'm definitely going to make myself one of yours. I've got some mustard super chunky that's ideal!
    Merry Christmas, have an ace time!

    1. Ooooh mustard sounds divine, will defo be making myself a mustard one too. Merry Christmas Vicky, hope Daisy has a marvellous first one xxx

  3. Looks really cosy ,i will give one a try i think ,thankyou for sharing xxx

    1. I Can't take mine off! I love it, so cosy.

  4. Is this a good beginner project? Looks gorgeous and I would love to give it a go.

    1. Absolutely! If you can chain and treble crochet then this will be a cinch. Happy hooking! Xxx

  5. I've just completed one of these as a present for my auntie. It is lush! Thank you for the pattern x


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