Friday, 16 November 2012

Cath Kidston Crochet Cowl tutorial

Here is a little something I hooked up on Wednesday; it's an ideal Christmas gift or little something for yourself! Mine is for myself, but there is plenty of yarn left to make another...
It's a cowl inspired by the Cath Kidston colours, crocheted up in just a few hours, making it the perfect weekend project!
 The yarn used in this project is Annell Malmedy- 100% wool from the Yvestown Shop. It's bargainous and is soft and delicious to work with. It even smells nice! Weird, right?
 I chose the following colours:-
2512 red (A)
2514 yellow (B)
2522 blue (C)
2543 off white (D)
2518 green (E)
2532 pink (F)

The pattern is written in UK crochet terminology:
Ch= chain
tr= treble (dc or double for US folk)
sk= skip
tch= turning chain

For the foundation chain: Using yarn A, ch 240 + 3 as a turning chain
Row 1: 1 tr into 4th ch from hook. *sk 2 ch, 3tr into next. repeat from * to end. Work 2 tr into the last ch of the row. Fasten off yarn A. Turn the work so you're now working from right to left again.
Row 2: Join in yarn B. Ch 3 (counts as first tr of row). 3tr into space between 2tr and 3tr of previous row. **3tr into next space along. Repeat from ** to end space. Work 1tr into the top of the tch of previous row. Fasten off yarn B. Turn.
Row 3: Join in Yarn C into the space between the 1tr and the 3tr of previous row. Work 1tr into same space. Repeat from ** to end of row, working 2tr into final space. Fasten off yarn C.
Rows 4-13: Repeat rows 2-3, changing colour at the end of each row. Work 13 rows in total, or more if you'd like a chunkier cowl. 
You should end up with a long strip of granny stripe with very straight edges! Take the off-white yarn and sew up the short ends to make your cowl or infinity scarf.

Slip over your head and wrap around to your heart's content. Go forth and be cosy.
Happy hooking!


  1. Hey Kath,
    Gorgeous cowl. I'm absolutely loving the colours. Have been looking for the perfect yarn to make a CK inspired blanket so it looks like I might be putting in an Yvestown order!! :)
    Erin x

  2. I've made something very similar in purple and cream for my christmas swapee! Fun to make, but quite slow I found.....
    Would love to make another for myself, but think that will have to wait until after Christmas as I have waaaay too much to make before then!
    Love the colours by the way!

  3. Love this colorful striped cowl! Hope you won't mind me linking up tomorrow at Tangled Happy. Thanks for sharing this pretty pattern! :)

  4. This is very cheery and pretty indeed. Thanks for the link for that scrummy and yes, rather bargainious yarn xox Penelope
    ps, I'm new here, gorgeous blog x

  5. Thanks everyone! Glad you like it, it's a lovely easy one to do. Happy hooking!

  6. This is adorable!


  7. I love your striped cowl, I saw your pattern link on tangled happy and have just completed my very first granny cowl, I love it :)

  8. It's lovely, I'm gonna give it a go! :D

  9. Lovely colors! What size hook did you use?

    1. Hi Erin, I used a 4mm hook- the yarn is DK weight, so you can use the pattern with any weight yarn with the correct hook size.

  10. Love the colors! Pinning into my cowl patterns to make one for myself soon! :-)

  11. Thank you for sharing such a lovely pattern! I can't wait to get going on one for myself. Grannies are my favorite! Yay! :)

  12. I have enjoyed using your pattern and made myself a lovely cowl, thank you so much for sharing! I have blogged about it and given links to your blog too! Many thanks Kath, love from your Ig friend Heather x

  13. Great colours. I will have a go. Thank you for sharing x

  14. I've started mine tonight, I will add this to my blog and link back to your page


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