Thursday, 15 November 2012

Autumnal ripple and other things

So I have finally finished my autumnal ripple blanket! After two years (!) of planning and collecting expensive, discontinued yarn, I finally set to it and rippled up a storm.
And isn't it glorious? I finished it a couple of weeks ago on my birthday weekend (I have been busy turning 30 lately), and I have used it a LOT since! Lots of sofa snuggling for all the family, as indeed we can all fit underneath it on our grubby little sofa.
 Here is Albert investigating the blanket while it was in progress.
 The complete blanket
 Thick and chunky- perfect for winter!
I can barely fit it all in to the photographs! So here are the stats...
48 x 50g Balls of yarn/ 6 skeins each of Rowan Cashsoft Chunky (discontinued) in
Chalk (Beige)
Onion (Pale lavender)
New Leaf (Green)
Blush (Pink)
Rocky (Pale brown)
Spinach (Dark brown)
Marmalade (Orange)
Blue note (Pale blue)
(You can still get some of the colours online- Pack Lane Wool, English Yarns and Hampton Knitting Yarn have some skeins remaining.)
6mm Hook
Six weeks
One delicious blanket measuring 140cm x 140cm
And here is the reason it's been getting so much use, and for a while, so much neglect whilst in progress...
I am expecting again! Unfortunately I've been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which for about a month was unbearable. I became quite dehydrated and narrowly avoided hospitalisation. It's now under control with medication but even at 13 weeks is showing no signs of disappearing completely! I'm hoping next week it might start to ease off. Baby is healthy and a decent size despite my weight loss and dehydration, which worried me for a while. So I'm getting excited now about having another baby! There's still some bits to do around the house over the next six months and of course many crafty items to be made for baby's arrival. So far I have started collecting some textiles for the nursery, including a beautiful patchy blanket from the Little Teawagon and a vintage bambi barkcloth cushion which I love. I am planning a blanket or two for baby too, which I'll start in the new year. For now, it's time for the Christmas crafting to commence!
I have a lovely little pattern for a beautiful gift to share with you tomorrow, and I'm working on another gift idea for next week too. Until then- Happy hooking!


  1. Congratulations :) such happy news x hope you are feeling better, I am loving your crochet pics on instagram...
    Much love Jane xx

  2. Congratulations! I hope you feel better soon. Your blanket is beautiful! :) x

  3. Congratulations, that's brilliant news! Loving the blanket, think I'm gonna have to have a go at a ripple soon, it looks like fun :) hope you start to feel better soon xx

  4. That's wonderful news Kath, congrats! The blanket is just beautiful and I love the grey 'pouffe' in the photo too - is that one of your patterns, I'd love to give that a try. Hope the pregnancy progresses well and you start to feel a bit better, Sara x

    1. Aha I worked it out! The pouffe is from B&Q, but I reckon it'd be dead easy to knit or crochet- 12mm hook and some Rowan Big Wool? Delicious...

  5. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! I am still lost as to how to reply to each one...sorry about that. Sara, the pouffe is not my own I'm afraid- but a present from the husband from B&Q!I'd love to come up with my own pattern- I reckon a 12mm hook (or needles, as this is knitted) and some rope would be perfect, or even Rowan Big Wool. xxx


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