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With my very talented and creative friend Mrs Hannah Elgie, I have written a book. Hannah and I teach crochet, and our expertise is being put to very good use with our first book: 500 Crochet Blocks. Published by Search Press and Quintet Publishing, the book is now available on Amazon here.
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Thank you everyone for your support so far with 500 Crochet Blocks! We're thrilled with the response we've gotten over on Instagram- do tag us if you're making one of our projects #500crochetblocks to share your hooky makes.

 Please note this links and cover refers to the UK version of the book- which you'll receive in Europe, South Africa and Australia. The link to the US version of the book is here, and is called 500 Crochet. .


The tagline on this book says it all - this really is the only compendium of crochet blocks you'll ever need. Crochet blocks are ideal for crafters on the move, as they're so portable. Inside the book, you'll find easy projects and advanced projects, all with variations to give you even more scope for using them. There's also top-notch, expert advice on choosing yarn and ideas for how to use your crocheted squares, plus information on basic stitches, working in the round and joining blocks together.-Knit Today 

The most amazing, hard cover pocket-size book arrived last week here on my desk. It's called 500 Crochet, Fun Designs & Projects for Blocks, Triangles, Circles & Hearts, and it's filled with unique little projects made with a range of crocheted stitches that will have you wanting to incorporate them in as many garments, accessories and home accents as possible. --The Detroit News

500 Crochet is a handy reference book for crochet motifs, with good instructions and charts. Just as there are so many ways to crochet, there are many more motifs and stitches. This book gives us a flavor of each of the type of crochet along with a sample of stitches in that style. The chapters in this little 6-by-6-inch book are structured from easier to advanced. Once you have completed this book you will have the confidence to proceed on to large projects and more complex apparel designs. 


  1. so exciting will keep a look out!
    daisy j

  2. Hi!
    Just wanted to say I love your book! I am working on the pattern on p. 252, and I found that the chart and the written pattern don't match. I think the written pattern left out round 3 of the chart. When I followed the written pattern it seemed to make a cup shape, so I studied the chart and there is a round 3 in the chart with two dc in each dc that wasn't listed in the written pattern. Just thought you would like to know. Take care!

  3. Hi love your book but have a question about the Polka pattern on page 174, the first corner has 2tr, ch3,2tr and the other three corners have 3tr,ch3, 3tr, in rounds 5-6? Is there an errata notice somewhere?


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