Free Crochet Patterns

Pom Pom Slippers
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Jumbo Fika Cushion
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Horizontal Box Stitch tutorial
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Baby and Toddler Hat
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Fika Cushion
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Springtime Coasters
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Valentines Hearts
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Chunky Rib Cowl Tutorial
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 Cath Kidston-inspired Crochet Cowl
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Thrifty IKEA stool
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Cosy Crochet Coat Hanger

Crochet stool cover

You can adapt this to suit any stool, just add extra rounds, and more rows of double crochet at the end if you have a deeper 'seat' on your stool. If you make this exact pattern then you may find as you're going along that the roundie starts to curl up like a bowl, and sometimes it will fan out and go wavy at the edges. However, HAVE FAITH! The pattern comes really good in the end, I promise. And it is jolly good fun to crochet, too. You can use any size yarn for this, using the correct hook, and chunky yarn with a nice 6.5mm hook would make this large and very quick!
Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool DK
Hook: 3.5mm
Abbreviations:- (UK terminology)
Ch= Chain
Sl st= Slip Stitch
Tr= Treble crochet
 DC= Double Crochet
Htr= Half treble crochet
Cl st= Cluster stitch
Ch sp= Chain space
sk= Skip

Let's Hook It!
To begin: Chain 4 and slip stitch to form a ring.
Round 1: Ch 3, 11tr into ring. Sl st into top of ch 3 to join.

Round 2: Pull new colour through the last and first trs of previous rounds. Ch3, 1tr. Work 2 tr between each tr of previous round. Slst to join.

Round 3: Pull new colour as before. Ch3, 2tr into sp between first and last trs of previous round. 3 tr in each space around. Sl st to join.

Round 4: Pull new colour through as before. Ch 3, 1tr into in-between space. *1tr into next stitch (top loops of the stitch only), 2tr into next. Repeat from * all the way around. Sl St to close.

Round 5: Repeat round 4

Round 6: Pull new colour through in between first and last sts again. Ch3, 1 tr into sp. *Ch 2, skip 2 sts, work 3tr into next st. Repeat from * all the way around,work 1 tr into last st. sl st to top of ch 3 to close.

Round 7: Join in new colour as before. Work cluster stitch as follows: yarn over, pull up through sp. Yarn over, pull through two loops. Repeat three more times. Yarn over, pull through all five loops on the hook. *ch 2, cluster st to end. Sl st to close.

Round 8: Pull new colour through top st of ch 3 of previous round.Ch 3, 1tr into same st.  *1tr into top loops of next st, 1tr, 2tr. Repeat * to end. Sl st to join.

Round 9: Repeat row 6

Round 10: Repeat row 6, working one ch between the 3trs.

Round 11: Repeat round 4

Round 12: Pull new colour through, ch 1. Work one puff stitch as follows:
yarn over, pull through long loop, nice and loose. Repeat 3 times. yarn over, pull loop through all seven (7) loops on the hook. Ch 1. Repeat all the way around, sl st into beginning ch 1 to close.

Round 13: Pull new colour through ch 1, ch3 1tr, then work *1tr into each of the next three (3) sts, 2tr into next. Repeat from * all the way around. Sl st to close into top of ch 3.

Round 14: Repeat round 10

Round 15: Repeat round 6

Round 16: Pull new colour through, ch 2. Work one htr into each stitch (top loops only) all the way around. Sl st to close.

Round 17: Join new colour, ch 3. Work 1tr into top loops of every st around. Sl st to close.

Rounds 18 & 19: Ch 2, 1htr in each st (top loops only). Sl st to close.

Round 20: Ch 2, *1htr into next five (5) sts, skip next st. Repeat from * all the way around. Fasten Off.

Fit the cosy around the top of the stool, then attach legs.

Stand back and admire your cosy new addition.

Knitted Wrist Warmers

2 x 50g Skeins of good quality chunky yarn. You want it to be soft and luxurious next to your chilly wrists, not itchy! I have used Rowan Cashsoft Chunky in Rocky, a mink colour.
1 pair of 6.5mm knitting needles
1 x Darning needle, for sewing up

* Cast on 29 stitches*
Row 1:
Knit 1, Purl 1 all the way across
Row 2:
Purl 1, Knit 1 all the way across. This has set a single rib pattern.
Rows 3-10:
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have 10 rows of single rib. This has made the tight, stretchy cuff of your wrist warmers

Row 11:
Knit every stitch across the row
Row 12:
Purl every stitch across the row. We are now working in stocking stitch.

Repeat rows 11 and 12, working the stocking stitch pattern until you have a rectangle that measures 30cm (11 3/4 in) from the cast-on edge.

Cast off knitwise, leaving a long tail.

Using your tapestry or large needle, use the long tail to stitch up your rectangle into a nice tube. For mine, I left a gap for a thumbhole 5cm (2in) in from the top, then just wove the yarn around the gap and continued sewing up the tube using mattress stitch. For help with mattress stitch, click here.

And there you have it!

You can easily make this pattern more interesting and even chunkier by working the main body of the wrist warmers in moss stitch (working every row k1 p1). The rib cuff is important as it keeps the wrist warmer snugly on the wrist, and allows a bit of stretch for putting it on. If you have particularly small hands and skinny wrists, you can cast on 27 stitches or use a smaller pair of needles. Likewise, just add two stitches if you want a looser fit.

Happy knitting!