Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Simply Crochet magazine

Hello! And welcome to all my new followers. I have a new crochet pattern to post up this week, once I've photographed the tutorial for you, so sit tight and all will be revealed soon! In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has visited my little blog and taken the time to comment and read. It's so lovely to know that my patterns and ramblings are appreciated! of course, this is very exciting as there's now only two months left before the book comes out! And only one month left until a brand-new crochet magazine launches.

The kind people at Simply Crochet have sent me the cover of the very first issue! And here it is...

They also very kindly featured my cowl pattern on their lovely blog, in a top ten of the best cowls on the interwebs!. Please go forth and check them out, the mag is out on January 10th.



  1. I will look out for this one, looks good! Oh, better learn to crochet first!!! :)

  2. ooo havong just started to crochet ive been looking for a magazine suitable, all the ones out there seem to be for people that know what they are doing with patterns for all kinds of things! maybe this one will suit me better?!

  3. That's a coincidence, yesterday I ordered the yarn to make your cowl, and today have discovered your blog. Looking forward to getting started :-)


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