Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Just one Sorbetto?

I have gone Sorbetto mad. And not just sorbetto mad, either. I have taken leave of my senses and hacked a Cath Kidston dress into pieces. The dress wasn't all that flattering; the spaghetti straps were not in proportion with the voluminous dress, the bodice was ill-fitting and the empire line made me look pregnant. Or is it my fat making me look pregnant? I am blaming the empire line. Anyways, the fabric is delicious and it seemed a shame to not wear something that had the potential to be loved. So I took my scissors to it and chopped off the skirt, estimating there was a good metre of light, breezy, gauzy cotton to be used. Initially I thought skirt. Then I decided that I'd like a nice, loose easy summer top to wear with denim shorts. These last few sweltering hot days in the UK have been unbearable. 

So I got out my trusty Colette Sorbetto pattern and here's how it turned out...
From 'Meh' to 'Marv'! 
 (sorry about my lily-white legs, they haven't been tanned since 1992)

 I added the bust darts as usual, but used the hemline of the skirt so I didn't have to hem it ha ha! SO easy. It was also to add extra length to the pattern, which has come up quite short and tailored on my other two Sorbettos. 

 Instead of the central pleat, I took advantage of the fabric's sheer drape and created a slight gather, so that top would hang more breezily. 

I cut it rather generously, too. I love the tiny bias binding. That took the most time, but it was worth it to get a neat finish. 

I wore it today to the park for a playdate with my Topshop denim shorts and crochet sandals that I bought in Rome in our honeymoon two years ago. 

I have to say I'm rather thrilled with the transformation! I hate the word 'upcycle', because I don't think it's performing a higher function than before. And its purpose as an item of clothing hasn't changed, so I can't say it's 'repurposed', either. Just re-used. Cutting down on waste- no money wasted, time well spent and a new top to boot! I'm sure Cath Kidston purists would object to any destuction of sacred garments, but I like to think that Cath herself would like this. 

Have you ever hacked up something old to make it into something new? 


  1. Oh I so need to get my sewing machine out for a play! Love Love Love xxxxxxxx

  2. Funnily enough ..... Yes I have. What a great top, the dress sounded awful and needed rescuing badly. X

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  4. I think you have repurposed it, from something unloved and unworn into something lovely and already worn and looking to be worn again and again.
    You well know the william morris saying about beautiful and useful well thats what you did to that dress faric, now not only is it beautiful fabric its a useful top too! win win.
    I love how much you are enjoying sewing....more more!
    bestest D
    Ps I cannot remember what I last hacked into....but i do do it, usually with charity shop stuff!


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