Thursday, 26 June 2014

Jumbo FIKA cushion

I'll keep it brief because I don't know how much time I have....I find it tough, these tiny snatched moments away from the constant demands of motherhood. I've been rather poorly with tonsillitis this week and having had no help with the children it has been especially difficult. But today I finally made it to the doctors and have antibiotics and blood tests tomorrow for glandular fever. Between endless loads of laundry, two extremely hungry children and avoiding the tiny dinosaurs and lego all over the house I've also started working on some writing commissions again. I'm thrilled to be working again, it does give me sense of purpose. I also have some projects for Simply Crochet coming up too which I'm really excited about. 

But for now, let me take you on a pictorial journey of a cushion...

And here she is...

and the reverse...
Little George's hand creeping in...

 Rather at home on this couch? I think it'd look better on a bench. 

The design is based on Ingrid's gorgeous Harlequin cushions, and last year you may remember I created my own harlequin cushion pattern- the Fika cushion. 'Fika' is a Swedish word, and it's a kind of social coffee break that's usually accompanied by a pastry. It's part of the culture in Sweden, and colleagues and friends often talk about and make big decisions over Fika or just relax and feel more productive afterwards. It's essential to their day. I thought 'what would make my coffee break more enticing? A lovely cushion of course!'

Anyways, here's the recipe for a jumbo FIKA:

Fika cushion pattern HERE
1 x IKEA Inner cushion (40 x 60cm)
Acrylic yarn- I used Stylecraft Special DK
3.5mm hook

Using the Fika pattern, I made my diamonds 20cm wide- which worked out as 38 stitches with my tension. The triangles I worked until they were also 38 stitches wide, the half-diamonds were increased until 19 sts, then decreased again. I left long tails for sewing up. The whole thing is sewn simply together. 

I love the clash of colours together and the overall effect, though I'm not sure it's quite right in my living room. It may be a present for a friend, who loves harlequins. Also, you may have noticed that fabulous Nikki McWilliams 'Custard Cream' cushion peeking into the pic there- an amazing anniversary present from my darling sister. She knew how much I wanted to buy one for my hubby but I was too skint. So she bought it for us. The start of a new collection? I think so....Tunnocks tea cake cushion next!

I'd better get back to work! My son is currently beating the heck out of an inflatable t-rex with a large Harry Potter wand. Life around here is never dull. 

p.s. Sorry about the TERRIBLE photography. I think there is a scratch on my iPhone camera lens :( and also neon pink is horrendous to capture!


  1. Oh dear poor you!
    You need sympathy and cake and someone to look after you for a change....and in the middle of that you blog and give us a lovely pattern
    Thank you!
    feel better soon
    D xx

  2. Poorly mummies and children to care for is not always the best combination.....hope you feel better soon xxx (and I wish I could make such beauties whilst feeling unwell!) ;) x

  3. Hello Kath
    This is so amanzing, thank you so much for sharing, just the inspiration I need to start a new project. Poor you feeling so under the weather, its very hard trying to juggle everything in life, being mum, wife, housekeepr and general "button" binding all and keeping all things together. I am please you have some things in the pipeline for yourself and hope you feel much better very soon xox Penny

  4. Oh tunnocks tea cakes - don't get me started.... x

  5. Poor you... do hope you soon feel better. Hmm keep thinking of purchasing Mr R the Tunnocks tea cake cushion as a present, but he has found out he is intolerant of dairy products and as he used to love these treats maybe it would be too mean! Take care

  6. This is beautiful! You are one productive, super lady. Hope you're feeling better :) x

  7. Hi, I love your craft, is beauty, I love a colors, I follow your blog, hugs from Brazil.
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