Saturday, 9 November 2013

A new obsession...

Simply, THIS is my new obsession...
I made this beautiful embellished lace collar necklace at a workshop at Make, Do and Mend last week, taught by the very fabulous Charlotte. A fashion graduate and former accessories designer, Charlotte was a fabulous teacher, who brought tons of inspiration and enthusiasm with her. This is just one of her generous DIYs, you can find tonnes more on her beautiful blog here. I'm beyond thrilled with my finished necklace, and am now trying to find the perfect grey jumper to wear it with. 

Here's the journey of a necklace...

 Stage one: inspiration...vintage bowls and pots of beads, chains, sparkle and pearls- what more could a girl need?

 Stage your tools

 Stage with design

 Stage four...a quick tea break

 Stage a master at work

 Stage six...changing your mind and selecting a new colour palette

Stage seven...stitch all the pieces together! Using some jewellery making a sewing techniques is all you need to make this stunning collar. I can't wait to start collecting some tools and materials and craft up some neon delights!



  1. This looks soooo good - thanks for posting!

    Charlotte x

  2. The collor is beautiful! I especially love the neon pearls! Where does Charlotte get them from? x

  3. Pretty! And love the vintage glass containers used to house the beads and bits... sounds like a fun time!


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