Friday, 29 November 2013

EASY PEASY chunky snood tutorial

Hello! Welcome to my new followers! I've gained many new faces here and over on Facebook and Instagram- thank you everyone for stopping by to take a peek into my little hooky world. Once again I find myself apologising for the lengthy gap between blogposts, but you guys don't mind, right? After all, it's quality you're after, not quantity. And today I have a little quality post for you all. Another FREE crochet snood pattern! This one is crafted in chunky yarn, with a nice bright border. And guess what? it takes hardly any time at all! If you liked the Wool and the Gang bright knitted cowl in Mollie Makes, you will LOVE this.

So here she is! 

Crocheted in lattice stitch with an extra chunky edge, this is quick, simple and so so pretty! Her name is Sarah, after the person who now has this lovely gift. 

FREE chunky crochet snood pattern:- 

I have used UK crochet terminology throughout.
Ch= Chain
Sl St= Slip stitch
htr= Half treble crochet
dc= double crochet
ch sp= Chain Space

2 x 50g balls of Chunky yarn (I have used Sirdar Click Chunky)
6mm Hook

Small amount of super chunky yarn in contrasting colours (I used Rowan Big Wool in grey and Patons Big Fab in neon pink)
8mm hook

To begin make 100ch, join with a sl st to form a large ring. 

Round 1: Working in rounds, 3 ch, miss 1 ch, *1 htr into next st, 1 ch, miss 1 ch. Repeat from * to end, miss last ch, sl st to second of 3 ch to join. 

Round 2 onwards: Sl st into first ch sp. 3 ch, 1 htr into next ch sp. *1 ch, 1 htr into next ch sp. Repeat from * to end. 

Repeat row 2 for pattern! I worked around 25 rounds of the pattern for a lovely thick band, that sits snugly around your neck, and can be pulled up over your ears to rest atop your hair. Fasten off and carefully weave in any ends.

To finish: Using 8mm hook and super chunky yarn, join in the yarn in any ch sp. 1 ch, dc into each ch sp around. Repeat using second contrasting colour. fasten off and weave in any ends. 

You should have something like this:
(OMG, it's so hard to photograph neon! Especially when I am using an iPhone on a dull grey day)

I hope you like it! It makes an ideal gift for Christmas, but there will be more about perfect homemade pressies next week right here. Enjoy your weekend crafting all. 



  1. Likely! And now I've managed one of your patterns, I can probably manage another! X

  2. Oooo, lovely present idea - thank you! Or maybe a nice pattern for me to crochet over the festivities... Love the grey and pink!


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