Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I ♥ Knitting!

I can't hide it any more...I'm a fully fledged knit nut! Just when I thought I was married to crochet, and having a mere fling and dalliance with knitting, it took hold of me, and now I flippin' love to knit. It started innocently-a scarf here and there, a cardigan, a few baby knits. And now, I find I always have to have a knitting project alongside my always-overflowing crochet basket. 

It all started with Suzie Johnson. I saw her, and her beautiful designs for The Wool Sanctuary, on Kirstie's Homemade Home some years ago, and prompted by a Christmas gift of some yarn and needles, took a three-hour knitting workshop at Make, Do & Mend. I attempted Suzie's house tea cosy pattern back in 2011, and like to think I've improved somewhat since then! I was lucky enough to accidentally become friends with Suzie in real life, and got her marvellous book, Janet Smith Can't Knit for Christmas from the lady herself. So far I have only attempted the Rocky bunny pattern, but it turned out pretty darn well so I'm looking forward to trying out some colour work soon. 

In the meantime, I have been lucky enough to receive the wonderful Learn to Knit, Love to Knit (published by Quadrille Craft) by Anna Wilkinson. Oh, I love this book!
I am happy to say that I'm going to be steadily working my way through the book, as each pattern is so wearable and created in the most beautiful yarns. Of course every pattern should be made personal to you, and I started off by making the wrist warmers on the cover. Ok, so far I have only made one wrist warmer! But I'm rather thrilled with the simplicity of the pattern and the lovely effect of the contrasting colours.
I also made the ribbed 'His n Hers' bobble hat for hubby's birthday, in a lovely plain khaki. I'm hoping to take a trip to Loop soon and smoosh some delicious yarn to make my own. My next project from the book will be a long, bobble scarf and mittens. I am obsessed with Neon at the moment, so I can forsee neon pink appearing in both! 

Like in this little line-up I knitted (and crocheted) last week for the Innocent drinks 2013 Big Knit...
Before that, I knitted some cosy little things for George, including a rather natty pair of red trousers!
Here he is modelling his jumper, too...

Cute, non? He is quite little so the moss stitch cuff is turned up on his trousers. But the Sublime extra fine merino yarn is super soft and looks lovely. 

My next big project is a mustard cardigan for me, and perhaps a jumper too. I'm positively fizzing at the prospect! In the meantime my crochet hooks remain the 'bit on the side' while I remain truly, madly and deeply in love with knitting. 



  1. My mum was a knitter, I used to love the click, click of her needles! You've done great there....I'm still head over heels on the crochet but who day.....:) x

  2. Oh my, all I can say is that I am totally with you on this one. I always have to have a knitting and crochet project on the go at the same time and if I get bored with one then I start on the other. I love George's little red trousers and your fingerless gloves are going to be gorgeous. I have seen that book about on various blogs but never had a copy to look I think it might just have gone on my Christmas list :o) xox Penny

  3. A friend introduced me to the delights of crochet so that I could take a wooly project on a plane journey... and I love it as much as knitting! And sewing... So I now have to squeeze in time for all three! What lovely makes... the wristwarmers have been just the pattern for my friends this year, and I am determined to make a pair for me this winter. Look forward to seeing the mustard cardy!


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