Thursday, 1 August 2013

I'm back!

Good morning world! I'm back on inverleith. During my short hiatus I realised that I missed this little cyber world, where I could sit and remember, record and document things that I have been doing. Small moments of beauty and things I want to recall, rather than the daily grind of feeding, clothing, washing, shopping, bathing children, tidying and worrying. So I decided to return, to come and indulge in making some sweet memories for myself a few times each month, rather than let them slip away in amongst all the things I just described...

...things like my favourite Lotta clogs on my friend's lovely Urban Outfitters rug. This photo was taken by me on a warm spring day behind the scenes of a photoshoot for something really special. A few months ago I was commissioned to create an exclusive crochet pattern for Mollie Makes magazine. Long-time readers of this blog know how much I LOVE this magazine, so I'm thrilled to say that my chevron cushion design is featured in issue 30! 

The harlequin design peeking into that top picture didn't make the final cut, so I'll share the pattern for that sometime soon! I've begun to create a pinboard on my pinterest page with all my designs, and eventually I'll add this to ravelry. please click the icon to the right to go straight to pinterest.

In the meantime the new issue of Mollie Makes is in shops TODAY! Open those sweet matte pages and let me know what you think of my designs. I bought the yarn from The Wool Sanctuary, and the backing fabric from the Little Teawagon

Hope you have fun making the project, I'll share with you some more colour combos later this month when I reveal the first installment of my little home.

Happy Hooking!


  1. Need a bit more practice Kath and then I'm on to it. New blog looks great too. Welcome back lovely x

  2. I was looking at that pattern this morning.....I'm going to give it a bash, wish me luck, I'm a beginner! :) x

  3. Loving the new look Kath! Also I think I'm in love with your shoes! So glad to have you back blogging again, was missing your delicious posts!xx

  4. I love the chevron cushions, I'm going to have a go once I've finished my current WIP.
    Well done! Lynda

  5. Love the new look blog, so fresh and lovely! We missed your pretty posts - welcome back! x

  6. It's good to have a little break but I'm so happy to see you back :) and your new look is perfect :) well done on the Mollie Makes project it looks brilliant x x x x x

  7. Hi, I have been following your Instagram feed which I just love and I'm delighted to read your gorgeous blog! Melissa


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