Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Blanket love

Since learning to crochet four and a half years ago, I've become obsessed with blankets. Sure, I like things cosy, but I do now have a a fair few. And do you know what, it ain't gonna stop here. This is a little cross-section of the blankets I have. All made by me! 

At the top are the two baby blankets I made for George- the granny square block blanket, and the star lap blanket. You can see them better in this post. Beneath those is the Starburst flower square blanket I made for my Granny-a-day project. I love this one, it's so colourful and textural, and the yarn is so soft and drapey. Beneath that is a simple granny square I made for Albie when I was pregnant with him. It's just white, blue and yellow with a scallop edge; I don't think I ever blogged that one. 

Nor did I ever blog about the first thing I ever crocheted- that there HUGE granny square at the bottom! It's bed-sized and took me a YEAR! It is in blues, greys and creams and again has a shell edge. I made it in acrylic yarns as it would have cost a fortune to make otherwise. In between those are my hexagon blanket, made at the beginning of this year from scrap yarns, and my gorgeous heavy winter blanket, the autumnal ripple

Also folded neatly there is Albie's patchwork cowboy blanket, which I still love very much and so does he. When he was sick last week he loved snuggling under the blanket his dear old mum made him. We also built a den in the living room from blankets, all made by me! It made me rather proud, y'know. In total I've made eight blankets in this pile, and have two more planned! A mustard granny puff blanket, and a large Cath Kidston-inspired granny square blanket, and I cannot wait to embark on those journeys and share them with you.

Making blankets gives me enormous pleasure. I love the whole process, from a colour palette inspiring me, or a stitch pattern seen on Pinterest, the planning and making is all fun. Best of all I love snuggling under whilst hooking the edge, or wrapping a gift in the perfect ribbon. 

Stay tuned for a baby blanket post soon! If you want more blanket inspiration, visit my blanket pinterest board.

Happy hooking!



  1. Such gorgeous blankets! They look so pretty and snuggly all piled up like that.
    M x

  2. Perfect colours and patterns :) don't ever stop xxxxx

  3. A gorgeous pile Kath and y'know that's not something I would normally think of someone's piles! Heehee!
    Ali. X

  4. I'm planning on making loads of blankets......just as long as I can get yarn in the sales!!! They look delicious together! :) x


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