Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Boy's own stuff...

Well it seems blogging on the iPhone app is no good at all! This has been delayed somewhat...

Since the start of the year, we had been intending to move Albie into the front bedroom of our little house. He'd previously been occupying the small back bedroom, which adjoins our room. However, three year olds come with a lot of stuff! And we wanted to use the smaller room as a nursery for the baby. 'What on earth have you been doing, Kath?' I hear you ask. Ahem. Well, we had almost finished Albie's new room when little George arrived turning our world upside down! So last weekend we finally put the curtain pole up, moved some of the accumulating junk out, and moved Albie in! We left the Ikea Expedit bookcase where it was, sold the futon and moved a small bookcase and table to accommodate Albie's never ending 'stuff', and moved in an Ikea chest of drawers, a small Ikea Solsta Olarp armchair and decorated with new curtains from John Lewis, a Laura Ashley rug, new bedding (from Tesco) and a some vintage chairs (they belonged to my mum as a child) to go with the red Ikea table. The bean bag chair came from a charity shop and the various lights from dotcomgiftshop, Habitat and B&Q. The room is slowly being filled with toys and  lots of clothes and shoes! All it needs is some artwork for the chimney breast and its done. And perhaps a new crochet blanket for the bed! Albie loves it and I'm really happy with how the space has come together. I can't wait to see how he grows into it...and how he will cope when we swap that toddler bed for bunk beds!!!

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  1. It's looking great, finding things for boys rooms can be a bit of a challenge but boy stuff can so cool its worth it xxxx


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