Sunday, 23 June 2013

Another baby blanket...

...see I wasn't even joking! I'm also going to start one more next week for the last baby in this year's boom. See here is one I started a long while ago, in the hope that my friend Andrina would be having a baby girl. Luckily, she did! The colours I chose were so very 'Andrina'; earthy, with vintage soft pinks, all somehow brought together with mustard.

Unusually for me, I've used a different mix of brands and fibres to make this; the colours just seemed right together! It's mainly Rowan Cashsoft Chunky, with the biscuit and grey-green in Sirdar Click Chunky and the mustard edge in Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky. I made three-round granny squares with a 6mm hook, then joined them using a double crochet seam. The edge is just more granny striping. Just simple but with so many colours, I wanted it to look clean and simple. This is more of a pram and car seat blanket for baby Florence, but I absolutely love it and was thrilled to give to such a little cutie pie. 

Now I've finished these baby blankets I can move on to the next...but first of all I have a few crochet itches that need to be scratched!

Until next time, happy hooking!


  1. It's wonderful, the colours go together perfectly! :) x

  2. Love this. Oh how I wish I could crochet, this really is beautiful. Love the colours and how well they work together, it is utterly gorgeous x x x x


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