Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Crafty Day

On Sunday, the ever-so-lovely Caroline from Gran Plumley and I attended 'a crafty day', at the beautiful Hope & Elvis studio in Nottinghamshire. It was a crafty pilgimage of sorts, a chance to rub shoulders with other crafty souls, all under the inspiring granny chic tutelage of the great Rachelle of  ted and agnes and Tif, aka Dottie Angel. We rolled up our sleeves, and pushed our rose-coloured spectacles onto our noses, and prepared ourselves for a day of crafting.

Now I am no sewer (sewist?). I did wonder if I'd panic, but under Rachelle's calming influence and the informal, creative atmosphere, my slighty cavalier approach to sewing was positively encouraged.

(cartwheeling of the doily, as explained by Tif) 
Louise's studio is chock full of treasure...

 (it felt like Christmas day anyway)

I think you'll agree that our pinnies are rather splendid.
 tif, me and rachelle
louise and miss debs

After lunch, we worked on some 'hanging whatnots'. As our teacher Tif explained, the process is very random and I am rather pleased with the final whatnot.

Of course no day out would be complete without cake.

Sunday was a perfect day. We were guided throughout by our fab teachers, looked after by the marvellous miss debs and louise, and were allowed to roam free in a creative way, which is very liberating! I made a wonderful new friend with Caroline, and met some wonderful crafty souls. I'm doing my best to add everyone's blogs to my sidebar, so please do go and show my new crafty friends some blog love.

And above all 'do feel a little crafty' today.


  1. Im so jealous! Looks mind bogglingly brill

  2. Oh Kath I am so glad you enjoyed the day we all had such fun and I absolutely love our photo its brill....rxx

  3. Sounds like a grand day out Kath! Love that photo of you all in your aprons.

    Ali x

  4. what a wonderful day!!! xx


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