Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Simple Things

I am still elbow deep in crochet and yarn. But I've missed my forays into blogland terribly these past few weeks. I know have so much reading, admiring, commenting and writing to catch up on, including blogging my own adventures in a VW Campervan, and a fabby lampshade workshop I attended at the weekend.

However, in the meantime, my attention has been brought to The Simple Things. Yes, enjoying small pleasures in life is what I love. As so many of you do. And that is why I am thrilled-beyond-thrilled that the team behind my beloved Mollie Makes magazine are launching a sister title this September!

The Simple Things is a beautiful new magazine celebrating, food, life, decorating craft and, by the looks of things, features some stunning photography and talented graphic design.

So for this week I am thinking about very small pleasures while I work on the last few blocks and projects for the book, only a few days now until deadline and I am feeling the pressure...
 But there is an ottoman full of yarn waiting to be rippled/hexagonned/granny blanketed...
 I have embraced the clog way of life...
 Enjoying a brew in my new thrifted cup and saucer...
 And loving the way this new oilcloth brightens up my kitchen table...

A simple sewing project is a small triumph for me...

 Whoops! More clogs...aren't they the loveliest shoes ever?!
and i've been enjoying the garden, and all the flowers we've grown from scratch...

Yes, I love the simple things in life. I hope to see you all very soon.



  1. I think Im as excited as you are about 'The Simple Things' can't wait for the first issue...
    Sewing project looks pretty

  2. loving the clogs Mrs! aren't they just so comfy?! your little dress looks gorgeous - well done! i have subscribed to The Simple Things...couldn't resist the 3 issues for £5 offer...sounds great doesn't it...good luck with finishing off the book XXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Yay for clogs! That magazine looks gorgeous, as do your flowers-are they ranunculus? Beautiful! X

  4. Clogs are the only way my lovely rx

  5. Wow your yarn stash is a mountain compared to my wee collection!

    1. You should see the stuff I hide in the cupboard away from my husband...I am an addict!

  6. well now the mag is out, I can't wait to hear everyone's thought!


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