Saturday, 30 June 2012

Off on a journey

Today I am off on a sort of pilgrimage. A journey of the epic kind. A discovery of granny chic awaits, and so I have packed a little brown suitcase, donned my new tea dress and put on my sensible shoes.

In my suitcase is a host of sweet granny goodness. Tomorrow me and my crafty bud Caroline will be having 'a crafty day' with those fine purveyors of granny chic- Dottie Angel and ted & Agnes.

But today is about travel and adventure. Crocheting on a train and catching up with a new friend.

And so off I go with my rose coloured specs pushed firmly onto my nose, and my heart filled with crafty hopes. Hopes that this weekend, of all weekends, I might be 'a good sewer'.



  1. Sounds like lots of fun ,love your dress too xxxx

  2. I am tres envious, have the most amazing time. Can't wait to hear how you got on. I will now sit with my glass of wine and sulk... just a little bit though as the sun is shining and I have new sewing and crochet projects planned!! xx

  3. oh how i wish i was coming woth you. i even have my own little brown suitcase to bring!

  4. lots of photos so we can enjoy the weekend too :)xxx

  5. Ooh, a wee bit envious right now! Have a fabulous time :)

  6. Well hello Miss Deb's here would you believe you are on my Dashboard and I have perused your blog many times. It was spendid wasn't it and you are indeed a 'sewer'. Hope your journey home was good and that you arrived home safe and well and just a little giddy from your crafty day.

    1. Ah miss Debs! And I of course am familiar with 'two bones and a bagle'! it was the most splendid of days and I am rather impressed with my peachy sewing skills, under expert help ;) I am still giddy after the crafty day and will soon share my pics :)


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