Friday, 2 March 2012

Weekend project #2: Crochet stool cover

Hello! It's been a while- a whole month, actually- since I introduced this series. I've been working on this little beaut for a few days, trying to perfect the pattern so that it is just *so*. There has been unpicking, experimenting and finally success!

I bought this Marius stool from IKEA a couple of weeks ago for just £3.49. Although I loved the powder blue, the holey, plastic top just did not do it for me. So after searching the net for a stool cover pattern, I came up with my own cosy jacket.

Just click on the Patterns and Ideas tab for the pattern, it will also be linked from Ravelry too later today.

Happy hooking!

Next time: Sweet flower beret


  1. Hi there - I found your blog through the knit and natter group on FB (Make do and Mend) - I am a member although have never been to the group! I LOVE this cover - I have this exact stool, and am now going to make it a pretty cover, so thank you!

    Sam x

  2. L ovely stool and your cover is so sweet,its a must have xx

  3. love it!!!! you clever sausage's amazing how you can turn something very simple into something completely spectacular! XXXX


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