Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Granny a Day

Hello! Well I promised a new project for March...and here it is! A granny a day, for March and April.

I have cheated slightly (already!) on my first day, simply unpicking the row of double crochet I had done around the edge of this sunburst flower granny square, and adding an extra row of cream granny clusters. I reckon 60 of these will make a lovely lap blanket, for the snuggly times in summer evenings on the patio, and cooler nights on the sofa.

The inspiration for Granny a day comes from here, here and this flickr group. Although I am creating the same granny each day, I absolutely love the springtime colours of this project. And that's where the excitement lies!

The pattern, as I have discussed before, is Jane Brocket's sunburst flower granny square, from The Gentle Art of Knitting.

Isn't it glorious? Maybe by summer I will have a gorgeous picnic blanket of my own, for seaside trips and duney beaches.


  1. I am halfway through making one of these lovlies at the moment its a super pattern can't wait to see rx

  2. It is so glorious!!!
    Looking forward to seeing its progress


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