Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Month in Makes


Thank you for all your well wishes...they certainly worked and we're all back to normality at last here at inverleith. For a while it was very 'delicate', with endless vomit washing, a toddler completely off food, and a couple of dehydrated, tired, puking grown ups. But thank goodness the norovirus tornado has swept through, and on the other side there is sunshine and warmth and definite signs of spring!

The past month has been a tough one for all of us here. We've had some sadly family news, plenty of drama, and lots of expensive, broken things (including both the car and my engagement ring twice!). We've had stress from work, a toddler that has discovered the art of the tantrum, and then this illness.

So it's nice to look back on the month's productivity and see that I managed to acheive *something* at least.

 *friday's weekend project sneak preview*
*a speedy stripe hat for my man* 
 *owl hat for my nephew Theo, who turned two this month*
*a little string of happy*

*of course, the Nico dress*

Looking forward to showing some lovely things tomorrow and Friday.


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