Friday, 22 July 2011

Snuggly sofa times

A brief distraction from work...
Some amazing flowers I bought home from last weekend's brilliant wedding. Hydrangeas in jam jars, mmmm...
A hooky extraordinary ordinary blanket for my boy...

And some other more paper-based distractions. Oh, I love magazines! This month, I ADORE Mollie Makes. It's scrumptious. I am particularly loving Lisa Stickley's home...

That crochet blanket! That's another to add to the list, must copy Kerry's pattern for this block from her retro pattern book.

Two more lovelies I'll be cosying up with this weekend. Loving Homes & Antiques this months- the shoots are gorgeous, and Country Living is particularly lovely this month too. I was starting to get bored with CL, every issue is the same. But this one is GORGEOUS!
I loved the H&A Vintage pages- I was hoping to get to Vintage at Southbank next weekend but we're off to Devon on the 30th.

How will you be spending your weekend?


  1. hiya! know exactly what you mean about CL - i have been tempted to subscribe, but i then get a bit bored and miss a few months, but i bought the latest issue and i agree, it's great isn't it! And mollie makes is just fab too...great to dive into with a nice big cuppa! this weekend we are going camping (in my friends garden in Aylesbury!!) - we can't wait - it's been an emotional last day of term today, and i'm ready to get out and spend a weekend in my friends lovely garden...hope you have a good one XXXXXXX

  2. Great minds think alike - I started an extraordinary ordinary blanket a couple of weeks ago, and I started a copy of the blanket in Mollie Makes last week. I made up the pattern from the photos though - look pretty similar! Have a great weekend. We only have one little one to look after as the eldest is at Brownie camp. Not entirely sure this is going to make our lives any easier though!! xx

  3. Love a snuggly sofa I do-in fact I love it so much I fell asleep on it last night!!
    My weekend will be comprised of snuggling with my youngest, it's raining here, so perfect weather to do that, shopping, and lunch with friends. Perfect!
    (Also driving the older kids around)
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend.


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