Monday, 25 July 2011

Happiness is...

A new Cath Kidston mug purchased at Tickety Boo on Saturday...
 After a disappointing mission to Franklin's in Chelmsford and an even more disappointing charity shop haul of NOTHING I indulged with a little spree at Tickety Boo. Love this mug.
 A new purchase with another new purchase: Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench. Every project is just delightful, can't wait to get stuck in.

 The views across the allotments at Waterhouse Lane.
 And our new plot! Well, half is ours. A friend of D's from work is struggling with his 90ft plot, so asked us if we wanted to split it. And with a two-year waiting list we jumped at the chance! Darryl is going tonight to water it, and then Wednesday evening Scott is digging over a big bed for us to go mad with potatoes, and D is sowing some late beetroot and carrot in the bed at the very front where the potatoes were. Currently Scott is growing onions, runner beans, carrots, cabbage and courgettes.
Some lavender biscuits my man baked while I was out at a baby shower. Presented on my favourite vintage plate with my new Lisbeth Dahl food cover! Heavenly.

Hope you all had a smashing weekend- camping, shopping and preparing for the summer holidays.


  1. Oh I do love a good Cath Kidston mug. I've managed to destroy two of mine, one good one left and one with the handle about to snap off. Sad times..
    How exciting about the allotment, I'd love one but not sure we can handle it yet, only just managing to look after our tomato plants! Hx

  2. Oh wow, great news on the allotment, love that mug as well, very pretty. How sweet is he baking biscuits, they look so yummy xxx

  3. with so many charity shops in moulsham street and franklins too i think it makes it all the more dissapointing when you come away empty handed so i'm not surprised you went off to tickety boo to treat yourself to a new mug!!!
    good news on the allotment front looking forward to seeing some pics of the fruits(& vegs) of your labour!!!

  4. Mmm, homemade biscuits made by someone else - my kind of biscuit! I copied the pattern from a photo of a shawl in Compendium of Crochet Techniques. If you want my version of the pattern, I would happily send it to you. Just let me know. x

  5. I am having trouble commenting again...stupid Blogger. I have that book, Julia! It will make a lovely birthday pressie for my mother-in-law x

  6. I love your cup and how gorgeous is the food cover. I adore Lisbeth Dahl, would love to won something from there. What a star your man is making you biccies. x


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