Friday, 15 July 2011

Awards time...

Happy friday! It's a beautiful day and I'm full of beans. Tomorrow I am a bridesmaid for my bestie Helen, and I can't wait. Tomorrow she will finally be marrying Mark and I couldn't be happier for them. I know I will blub in a snotty and embarassing fashion throughout the nuptials. There will be setting up of the venue today, and a frenzied getting ready session tomorrow at the chief bridesmaid, Vickie's. I can't wait. I will be sure to photograph all the wonderful English wedding loveliness. I just have my fingers crossed that this sunshine stays.

In the meantime, the lovely Gem at Dreams of a Life in the Country has nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award- how very kind of you, Gem! Now I have to reveal seven facts about myself before nominated seven other bloggers...I also am nominated for the Dorset Cereals Little Blogger Award, so please click on the widget to go and vote for'd mean the world to me.

Today I wish I was at the seaside, but stringing bunting around an English Country Garden sounds like a reasonable alternative today.

 So here we go...

1. I love crochet. An obsessional, all-consuming love. I dream about it, can't wait to sit of an evening to hook up some yarny goodness, think about my next projects constantly. I am working on a blanket for my littlie at the moment- a plain yet beautiful blanket that I can't wait to finish and reveal. After that, two more blankets. Possibly three or four more blankets! I am very excited about this.

2. Being a mother is wonderful, but so much harder than I could have imagined. When Albie arrived I felt like I had lost my identity a little. I gave up my job, my flat with my friend, my band and my magazine projects and felt a little bereft. I was tired and fat and a bit lonely once Darryl had gone back to work. But now I love it! I am a home-maker, writer and blogger now and I have finally find myself again. Retro, vintage, writing and crochet make up who I am.

3. We have a little white cat called Horace Pecksniff Jr. She is two years old and probably the prettiest cat I've ever seen. She is not very bright, and not hugely affectionate. She is feisty and playful and very sweet though, despite her ridiculous name.

4. I don't like chocolate cake. There, I said it. I'd prefer a nice slice of plain old madeira cake, which, incidentally, I make rather a good one of.

5. I am scared of horses and frogs, for the same reason: they're unpredicatable. Frogs can leap at you at any given moment, and horses are too calculating and have teeth the size of dinner plates.

6. Like Gem, I am massively into the blog world. I find the images so inspirational. I first got into it years ago when I had a fashion blog, then recently re-discovered blogging when I was looking for crochet patterns on the web. It's a perfect way to record my everyday life, and inspire me to create wonderful things.

7. It's gone 10am and Albert and I are not dressed. Better go put some clothes on!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the crochet flower cushion and little Jeremy. Hope you have a lovely crafty weekend.

Versatile blogger awards to...


  1. Hi Kath, love this post! think I know a bit more about you now! Oh and if your madeira cake is that good I think it would only be fair to treat us knitters to it one Wednesday night! xxJo

  2. Aaah, thank you so much for nominating me! I'm not a big fan of chocolate cake either, a nice bit of coffee and walnut cake is perfect for me. Have a wonderful weekend and give your little one lots of hugs and kisses today! x

  3. Thank you for passing the award on to me, my first ever!!! And it agree with Jo, if you're madeira cake is that good, let us have a taste!! Maybe we should have a cake rota...

  4. OOOOOOO thanks so much for the lovely award, how flattering! Have a lovely time bridesmaiding.

  5. Oh a bloggy award, how lovely!
    I hope the wedding was superb and that the sun stayed for a bit. I was at a festival getting drenched but then the sun came out, yay! Also that time last year it rained in the morning and then mr sunshine popped out and stayed all day long, just in time for my garden party wedding, phew :) Hx

  6. hey there! thank you so much for the nomination...very exciting indeed...after a couple of days thought, i have revealed my list!!! thank made my day, love Caroline XXXXXX


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