Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Porthgwarra and the long-overdue escape

I've been wanting a holiday for absolutely AGES. I hardly get to spend time with my beloved anymore, we haven't spent any decent block of time together since Albert was born almost one year ago. And even then it was maternity and paternity leave with a newborn baby, so not exactly relaxation time. So we were offered a farmhouse in West Cornwall for a few days in May and positively jumped at the chance. I've never been to Cornwall before, so (excepting the long car journey with a baby) I was very much looking forward to our trip.
When we arrived at Higher Roskestal atop a remote cliff, with sweeping sea and countryside views I was absolutely blown away. Colourful hedgerows, wild landscapes and amazing views, it was heavenly.
The farmhouse was beautiful, part of the St. Aubyns Estate, well worth a look if you're thinking about Cornwall. I just loved it, I can't wait to get back there with all my clan. 

On Sunday, with no petrol and the nearest petrol station closed until Monday, we stayed at Porthgwarra, lounging, reading, crocheting and generally being in our PJs until lunchtime, when we headed to a nearby village and bought some meze grub for lunch. Then we headed on down the cliff and overgrown footpaths to the beach. We grabbed a ginger and chocolate ice cream cone from Mary's shop and sat on the beach, admiring the atlantic ocean and building sandcastles. Then Albie woke up and we explored the beautiful, secluded beach together. He loved the damp sand! But was a bit frightened of the ocean. It was so lovely, you really need to see for yourself. The wild moors and hedgerows were the most incredible colours, and the cove and beach just perfect. It's best you see for yourself...

 The entrance to the cove...

 Some wild flowers I picked from the hedgerow...
And that was days one and two of our holiday! Quiet, simple, perfect.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I want to go! What a gorgeous holiday, my clan definitely needs one of these. Nothing quite like the ocean!


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