Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cornwall: Part 2

Hello! Welcome back to Inverleith, it's so lovely to have you here. The past fortnight has been a blur of ever-increasing workloads, fevered knitting, and a certain boy's first birthday. Yes, my little man turned one last week, so we celebrated with a family BBQ, and a home-made Yojojo cake. This week I've been knitting my mum a house tea cosy, this time with appliqued windows and doors, made from scraps of Cath Kidston fabric. It turned out beautifully, though I ran out of yarn and time to make the matching tiny tea cosy for her little dinky tea pot. Maybe at Christmas I'll get around to making that, a cafetiere cosy and some coasters!

It seems ages ago since we were on our holidays in beautiful South-West Cornwall, so I thought I'd hop onto the new shiny laptop and share the rest of my holiday with you all. On the Monday we visited St. Micheal's Mount, an ancient abbey atop an island by the little town of Marazion. We were given a guided tour by a rotund chap called Bob, who was full of good cheer and excellent anecdotes. We then had a pint of Doombar at the Godolphin arms, while watching the tide come in over the causeway. There were some amazing views from the top of the mount, and the beach at Marazion was gorgeous...

Glorious views, eh? On the Tuesday we went to St. Ives, having changed our minds as we had originally planned to go to Penzance. Oh, and am I glad we did. I loved, loved, loved St. Ives! We meandered through the lovely streets, and stumbled across places, such as the lovely Betty Boyns atop a little hill, and the fabulous vintage store Beaten Green where we bought a lovely Cornishware-style 'Home Sweet Home' sign and a silver jubilee plate. It was vintage heaven in there, check out the picture that looks like someone's living room and that's it. We ate pasties and cornish hokey pokey ice creams and had lunch at the bloody amazing Porthminster Beach Cafe. Beautiful beaches, amazing shops (including Cath Kidston) and just a perfect, perfect day. We stopped by the Tate, too, but they were changing exhibitions. The perfect excuse to go back...

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