Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Holidays 2011: Southwold

Hello again! I've been super busy lately. Yes sir, typing my butt off (though I wish I could work off my big butt sitting on it typing), earning a crust for my little family. Freelance work is wonderfully flexible, and I relish a career that is in many ways very creative, but well paid it is not. However. I love my work, and it brings interesting challenges every day, and I just love talking to people. So it's the job for me! I have lots of freelance projects on the go at the moment, which hasn't left much time for the truly creative me. I do look forward to a quiet time I can sit down with a hook or needles and yarn, or, just like I am doing now, sit and remember and record little memories I might otherwise forget.

So here is the final installment of our spring holiday. We only spent four days in Cornwall, and stayed over at D's sister's place in Bridgwater on the way home. it was so lovely to see her and her bonkers clan, we loved every minute of it. They all have so much energy, especially the twins-at 12 they have the attitude of much older girls! But utterly enchanting. We decided to spend the final day of D's week off at the seaside. And where's out favourite seaside? Ah, yes. The Suffolk Coast.

It was a toss-up between Aldeburgh and Southwold, but opted for Southwold, with its rows of colourful beach huts, lovely pier with vintage amusements museum and amazing pubs and delis. 
 We stopped for lunch at the beautiful Crown hotel- a lovely Adnams pub restaurant. I had sea bass with saffron mash. Mmmmmmm. And a pint of Broadside of course. You can't go to Southwold and not have an Adnam's beer!
 Then we began our usual Southwold thifting, vintage and antiquing route, stopping at the wonderful vintage market. I loved their bits and bobs, but came away empty handed as it was a bit pricey. Look at all the Cornishware!
 Here I am at the lookout.
 I dream of owning one of these. On this very beach. I spent a lot of childhood holidays on this Suffolk Coast, and Southwold is always a very happy place for me. I love all the colours and names of the huts, they're so personal. Ours would be painted in the Cornishware blue and white stripes, with of course a gas portable stove, striped deckchairs and some lovely net curtains. We'd call it 'Wayside'.
  I adored this little beach hut cafe. It was blowing a gale, and was really rather nippy, but they still had little vintage jugs of real flowers on the tables, and all the bunting out. And buckets and spades! 

It was actually flippin' cold, so instead of building sandcastles on the blustery beach we stopped off for a cup of tea and some chips on the pier.
And then pootled on back home, pies from the Black Olive delicatessen in hand. I can't wait to take Albie crabbing at Walberswick, and up Orford Castle and do all the things I loved as a child on holiday in Suffolk. Our first family holiday was marvellous, I wish we could do it all over again.

I've just returned from Knit and Natter, so I'm sure I'll share my latest everyday witterings soon. We also paid a visit to Kentwell Hall on Sunday. Thanks for stopping by at inverleith!


  1. hi, I can't remember how I got here but i'm enjoying reading your blog.
    I love Southwold and aldeburgh too.....chips on the beach, you can't beat it!

  2. Sounds like you had a fab time! We have just returned from camping. We ate fish and chips on a bench in the village nearby. Eating chips in the great outdoors - you can't beat it! x


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