Friday, 26 November 2010


Thanks to my very patient friend Amy teaching me, I now know how to crochet. I was a very slow student to be honest, I don't think dexterity is one of my strong points. However, Amy persevered, I perservered and I take great pleasure being able to create beautiful and unique things for myself, others and my home. My latest project is this scarf, which I finished on Wednesday night whilst watching Fry and Laurie on G.O.L.D.
It's simply nine Granny Squares joined together on-the-go, with tassels ties into the gap where the chain between each cluster of treble crochets go! I based it on this design I saw in Accessorize,4,shop,coldweathershop,coldweatherscarves so I just plain copied it. Shameless, eh? Here is the process as captured in all its glorious Instagram technicolour!
I worked this up in nine rounds on a 4mm hook in Stylecraft Special DK yarn, which is lovely to work and very soft for an acrylic yarn. Dirt cheap too! Also in here are some Bonus DK yarns which are slightly bulkier than the Stylecraft yarns, which means my squares were slightly uneven sizes. But I am SO pleased with the finished result I just keep wearing it around the house! Next up I will be working up a scarf in the same colour but this time in a Grany Stripe, a la Lucy at Attic 24's blanket design. Hopefully it will be something like this Maybe I'll have a go at some of those toasty wrist warmers too!

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