Friday, 26 November 2010

Crochet around Inverleith...

There are a few crocheted bits and bobs around my little home. The first year of learning to crochet was mostly spent constructing an enormous granny square for a bedspread. It looks lovely draped across my armchair now! Yum, so cosy for the winter nights, and great for snuggling under when I get up in the night to feed the baby. These hearts are so cute, I love this bunting hanging high above my baby's crib. He loves looking at the colours. The pattern was from this gorgeous blog by Julia Crosland, so thank you! http://

This pattern was from Attic24- I just love Lucy's tutorials, especially this little bird hanging from my son's crib. See her tutorial here:

And here is a lovely star garland I worked up when I was in labour! I still need to block this out and press it, so it has been languishing in the bottom of a yarn basket for six months. Perhaps Christmas is the ideal time to display it!

The pattern is from here:-

And here is a lovely Instagram image of my cushions- the round one is just a flat circle from Attic24's bird tutorial again, just made larger and the square one is from the lovely Yvestown blog. Lovely stuff!

All of these have been worked up in Sirdar Luxury Soft cotton, which are in gorgeous colours and is nice strong yarn and soft too. I loves it. I still have quite a lot so I'm going to work up a ripply cushion to match these too and maybe some bunting for the bathroom we're in the middle of decorating. More of that later. Happy hooking!

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