Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Let it Snow!

Well, it's official...winter is here! And not a minute too soon. White rabbits and white everything else! The first day of the month is greeted by a silent blanket of white snow, which fell heavily and quietly all day yesterday. My street is now an ice rink and my car is unmoveable, but that's OK because I'd much rather be indoors looking at it than driving around in it!

Instead I am staying indoors doing this:

Crocheting snowflakes! On Sunday we have a lovely festive fun day planned. We'll be watching Christmas films, baking Christmas cookies and putting up our tree and decorations, yippeee! I cannot wait to see Buster's face when we hang all the lights and bunting. We are going Christmas mad this year, it being Buster's first of course. So I am crocheting these snowflakes to hang from the great big bay window in our living room. The cat will keep pulling them down of course. She loves the Christmas tree, to her it's just a giant toy.

I've been absent for a few days as I've just been SO exhausted. Buster has developed some terrible sleep habits lately, in that he refuses to. Therefore last night we began sleep training, in order that we're a happy functioning family. I'd very much like to be happy and functioning please, rather than tired, bad-tempered, zombie mummy. It's hard work though and I am so tired. However the method we're trying is supposed to produce results in days. Maybe by the weekend we can say that Albie has slept the whole night through more than the once! He was faintly bemused when I wrapped him in his new coat, hat and mittens and stood in the front porch to experience the snow. Big, fat flakes fell on his long eyelashes and rosy cheeks and he looked so very cute. Now he is not bothered by the white flakes flying past the window at all.
The snowflake pattern is from Attic24 of course (where else?). I can't wait to block them up and hang them. I saw some crochet christmas decorations in Paperchase the other day, perhaps I'll have a go at making some of my own and if I succeed I'll put a step-by-step up here. My darling partner has the day off tomorrow to help give me some respite. And to give himself some time to recover from the Fujiya and Miyagi gig he is going to tonight. I can't wait to get stuck into the bathroom again tomorrow, perhaps at the weekend I can show you all the finished result!
Also, big thanks to for having this blog as their Pick of the Day! How exciting. Thanks, commissioner!

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