Friday, 26 November 2010

Hello world!

Hello! I'm Kath, I'm 28 and welcome to my blog. Inverleith is the name of my house, a gorgeous period property we're trying to sell to get a bigger place. I'm a writer and stylist and proud mum to my baby son, Albie. He is six months old already, with teeth and one hell of a personality. You'll hear all about my adventures in motherhood no doubt. This new life of mine has taken some adjusting to, I can tell you. I love music and writing and in my pre-baby life I edited a music magazine, wrote for several fashion and lifestyle magazines and was in a band. Now I spend my days playing with Buster here (as he's now affectionately known as- he's very cheeky and incredibly strong and indeed strong-willed), planning yummy dinners, baking as often as I can and spending as much time as I can hooking...crochet that is! I have been crocheting about 18 months but only since I have left work have I been able to really get stuck into a few colourful projects around the home. I love to take pictures, but I'm not terribly good yet I'm afraid. However, a couple of apps on my swanky new iPod Touch enable me to take apparently stunning images- Hipstamatic and Instagram- a kind of Twitter for photos. You can follow me if you have Instagram (katheastoe) and we can share pictures. It's a great way to share 'instant' snapshots of the world. Like this picture I took with Instamatic earlier wearing my new crochet scarf. The lovely effects disguise the terrible breakout my skin had today!
Today has mostly been concerned with thus:

My Magazine addiction. This consists mainly of Country Living, Country Homes and Interiors, VOGUE and Elle. I love Vogue, especially 'More Dash than Cash' and any Tim Walker shoots. Just sheer fashion fantasy and escapism. Today I am enjoy Country Living, with lots of bright Christmas decoration ideas and some lovely homemade Christmas gifts. I make gifts gifts every festive season, as soon as I start on this year's haul I'll write a new post. Here's what I love and what you can expect from me: Crochet, books, cooking, baking, mummydom, my wonderful partner D, baby Buster, vintage fashion, retro homewares, Cath Kidston, Kirstie Allsop, Laura Ashley and Nigella Lawson (in fact, any slightly bossy woman telling me how to live a wonderful domestic middle-class life), crochet and taking slightly rubbish pictures. And music. Oh, I love it. I am listening to Lily Allen while I type but mostly love lo-fi indie rock. Arcade Fire, the National, She & Him especially. Right, that's probably enough about me. Happy fridays!

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