Sunday, 12 October 2014

Back in the fold

It's taken me a while to get back on the 'blogging horse'. To be honest I wasn't sure if I wanted to blog again. I just sat and waited patiently for the muse to return, and finally, returned it has. I try to capture the beautiful moments in a busy, creative life. But my camera lens on my iPhone has scratched and really I need a new phone but can't afford it. so I'll soldier on with blurry photos instead ;-)

Life has changed so much lately, and sometimes it's hard to adapt, isn't it? My eldest started school in September, and his new routine has set a new routine for the rest of the family. George and I have our own 'home' routine, which involves: coffee, play, nap, work, lunch, play and then the school run again. It leaves little time for much else, and I've so been craving the downtime we spent together on weekdays. I've been very busy with work, too busy lately really. But it's exciting to be involved with more crochet work! 

I've made time for some creative projects, so here's a little picture diary of the last few months. I have so much more to share this week, but I thought I'd share this first, so I don't forget!
 New clogs
 Christmas (!) inspiration
 George's first Tunnock's teacake
 Styling up my clogs for the changing seasons
 We went up here...Anish Kapoor's Orbit at the the Olympic Park
 More stripes, more clogs
 RHS Hyde Hall- the most beautiful spot in Essex (and Monty Don was there filming for the BBC)
 I took my clogs out with my handmade skirt for a special friend's birthday
 Brotherly love; they miss each other's company now the big one is at school
 I became obsessed with knitting these bracelets from Mollie Makes
 Finishing old projects...
 ...and starting new ones
 A proud day as he set off for a big, new adventure
 and a proud day for me as my design is published in Simply Crochet
 My friend Hannah and I visited Hampton Court Palace for the Handmade Fair
 World Pomination!
 The beautiful festival site at the Handmade Fair
 An accidental green gathering...all my favourite shades
 A Frank and Olive dress I made for Flo
 Some knitting progress at last!
 These boys <3 p="">
 Autumn colour is so pure and lovely
 a scarf for my sister; never again will I crochet with black yarn! (I say that every time- but doesn't it look amazing?!)

So that's it. Not much crochet, and no sewing as my machine is broken. But I have borrowed my Nan's beautiful old Bernina which is dated 1964 on the guarantee! I have a basket full of promise and some really exciting projects to work on for Simply Crochet coming up. I can't wait to catch up with you all!


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