Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I love Southwold, it's so nice, clean and quiet. I love that there's a sandy beach, a pleasure pier and rows of colourful beach huts. I love the Adnams brewery pubs, and the much-too-expensive gift shops. I love the marshes, dunes and harbour with fish shacks and a 'foot ferry' across the river Blyth. It's full of higgedly streets and serene green spaces, huge looming cliff-side houses and interesting views. 

We stayed at a little cottage called Tittlemouse House, near to my favourite pub and the beautiful dunes. You can walk across the marshes to the harbour from here, and one morning I saw two muntjac deer grazing on the common across the street. It was quiet, clean and comfortable. We visited the 'Under the Pier Show'- an extraordinary collection of alterntive amusements by artist Nick Hunkin; wandered through back streets and up ramps, past the lighthouse and past the Sole Bay brewery. We avoided storms and sheltered in pubs, sipping pints of local beer and munching chips. We built sandcastles, lost dinosaurs, ate ice cream and found the dinosaurs again. Southwold was perfect. 

It was a good holiday. I'll show you around Walberswick next time. 



  1. It's great isn't it! It felt very strange visiting without my family but I loved introducing my friend to the delight of this part of the world. Glad you had such a great time :) x

  2. Yay Albie found his own beach hut! X

  3. Lovely photographs of Southwold... Feel oh so lucky to live fairly close to this delight - two magpies bakery, yum! And our little one loves messing about on the boating lake while we drink coffee and eat cake at the sweet cafe. Mr R likes that the paddle boats he used to mess about in when he was small are now being used as planters! Glad you had a dreamy time...


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