Thursday, 24 April 2014


Can you believe a whole year has gone by since George was born? He came out screaming, five weeks early, and has proved to be just as noisy and impatient ever since. 

 A tough year has faded, and now we have a confident, happy, affectionate and bright little thing who likes stacking, blueberries and his big brother. 
 Here he is on his birthday modelling a beautiful crochet bow tie made for him by lovely friend Kerry. 

Easter was spent in a blur of birthday and deadlines...but don't you think it was worth it? Here's a sneaky cheeky peek of my project for issue 19 of Simply Crochet. I can't wait to see it in print!

 Albert was back to pre-school yesterday, and enjoyed nature's bounty on our urban streets all the way there. He loved Dandelion clocks, and counted every breath that sent fairies high into the air. We have a place at a fantastic school for him in September, and I felt a little empty while he was enjoying himself at pre-school yesterday afternoon. What will it be like when he's gone? George will be bereft without his best friend and partner-in-crime.

The Easter break has gone so quickly. But I love this time of year. A time of hope, plans and dreams. I'm STILL searching for the perfect mustard yarn, as my beloved King Cole Bamboo Cotton has been discontinued. I'm planning to make a harlequin cushion like Ingrid's on Wood and Wool Stoolbut don't know how! I might just make a lovely bright Fika cushion, sizing up the diamonds and using an Ingrid-inspired palette. And perhaps even a matching Wood & Wool garland, too! For now, I'm working on a crochet cardigan, like this:

Isn't that mint DIVINE? Mine is in mustard, with a dusty pink collar. But I feel as though I'd love one in mint, too. Pattern is from Geek Chic by Nicki Trench.

April marks five years of learning to crochet. Coincidentally, the day I learnt to crochet was also the day my now-husband asked me out for the very first time. Two life-changing thing on one day. Serendipity, some might say. Perhaps in my next post I'll look back at my five years of crochet.

I also want to say thanks for all your lovely comments on my last few posts. Something has happened to my comment reply function, and while I'm trying to work out how to fix it I am replying in the comments section.
Here's to another five years of Crochet! (and Darryl, of course)



  1. Awe such a lovely post. It's amazing how fast time flies. And it only gets faster. I cannot believe my Baby Bear is 7. He has his last few months at the best infant school ever, and I will be GUTTED when he has to leave and start a new adventure at a bigger school. It always feels tough and exhausting when they are so little......and it is.....but it's weird that you miss it when they all start school! Just enjoy the moments that give you pure pleasure and remember them. They'll be with you forever.


  2. Thanks Vanessa, do you recognise the cake? Your tricks and tips guaranteed total baking success! except when i dropped the bottle of blue food colouring ON MY FACE. I am not sure how, but it was 'interesting' to have blue eyes and hair for George's party!

  3. Loving the cardi! I've only 4 more years to go til I can make it too! X

  4. Aww. Happy belated birthday to gorgeous George and happy five years of crochet and the man! How wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your crochet pattern in print and can't wait to see your cardie. Think me and Beans may be heading to a M,D & M Wednesday soon. Will let you know and hope you can be there too. xxx

  5. What beautiful boys. Happy Birthday wishes to your wee boy.
    I too dreaded my youngest going off to nursery and then school (my eldest was a tantruming horror so a break was needed for my sanity with her), but actually found it ok when it happened. I still miss them being wee every now and again mind you, don't think that ever goes.
    Love that short cardi. I'll have to have another look at that book as it didn't grab me the first time.

  6. Happy birthday to your little one... My little-ish one has been at school for three years and I'm still not used to it - I do miss him so. Love the red jacket by the way and sad that Patch no longer fits in that sweet range! That cardy looks lovely, think I should look more closely at that book!


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