Thursday, 17 April 2014

Colour Crush: Mint

I am in need of colour therapy today. George has not slept alllllll week during the night, so I'm pretty much an angry zombie. I'm not good when I've had too little sleep. Also, I'm on deadline so I have been crocheting like a FIEND. And now I have RSI! Ahhh my old friend RSI. We've been chums since we were crocheting all the blocks for 500 Crochet Blocks in 2012. SO. Enough rubbish from me, and feast your eyes on this pastel palette. 
Isn't mint lovely? I really think that green might be my second favourite colour. I love how many shades of green there is, and particularly this mint. As you can see I have some beautiful mint green yarn and more crafting supplies. I also have some mint green tights in my drawer, and some pretty little frilly socks in a similar shade. 

Clockwise from top: Vintage thread spools; Annell Rapido; Annell Cotton 8; Vintage knitting needles; Mint ric rac from The Village Haberdashery; Drops Paris cotton; freebie hook from Mollie Makes; Mint (scented, too!) pen from Paperchase; Nail polish from Topshop

I'm hoping this fresh breath of colour is just the thing to perk me up! Time to pour a mint tea and soak up the day. 

Have a happy day!


  1. Naughty George - go to sleep! Mint, yes, green no! My grandmother loved green so it was a bit in my face growing up! Btw I meant to say I agree with what you said on your making clothes post. I used to work in retail so had so many clothes and shoes it was crazy, then I had the girls and turned 40 and realised that none of it speaks to me anymore. I did make a top this week so we're both getting there -ish! X

  2. fresh fresh fresh....I want a pen like that now too!
    I love your colour posts...whats next?
    D xxx

  3. I have just been catching up on your blog, and feel compelled to comment, please don't stop, your blogs are not boring or tedious. I look forward to a good catch up and always read your blog when I do get around to a blogathon...

  4. Taking a while to catch up with reading... do hope you are getting more sleep by now! Am a mint liked too - maybe it reminds me of my love of mint choc ice cream when I was little. OK, I now really want some mint choc ice cream...


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