Friday, 11 May 2012

The Finished Object: Granny a Day blanket

Well, it's finally time for another 'tah-dah!' moment...ready for it?!

the hooky details:

4mm hook

21 Balls of 50g x Rowan Pure Wool DK in the following colours:-
9 balls of  013 Enamel
1 each of 03 Anthracite; 04 Black; 06 Pier; 07 Cypress; 010 Indigo; 015 Barley (discontinued); 020 Parsley; 025 Tea Rose; 036 Kiss; 037 Port; 045 Mimosa (discontinued); 048 Clay

A Granny A Day x 64 days

Pattern: Jane Brocket's Sunburst Flower Blanket (from The Gentle Art of Knitting and Mollie Makes issue 2)

I crocheted one granny a day for 64 days, making a perfect 8x8 square. Had I not used the yarn to make my stool cover, I might have had enough yarn for a 9x9 blanket, whoops!. However, I am thrilled with my perfectly perfect lap/picnic blanket. It's just beautiful in its plain-ness, and I am extra chuffed with my choice of colours. As I was low on yarn, I simply crocheted around the squares with two granny rows. Nothing fancy, just plain and simple. I joined the squares on the go, and luckily managed to weave most of my ends in as I went along too.

I've even got something in my basket happening with the leftover yarn...


  1. It is so gorgeous and lovely Kath.
    I was just composing a draft post for my blog this morn writing of the desire to make this pattern since I got the book last spring and your influence in reminding me how much I love it. Thanks for the info for me to pretend plan for one, still not sure I can justify the cost of the wool!!
    Ali x

  2. aaahhhh you clever's gorgeous, it looks like it's a nice weight too (if you know what i mean!) - bet it will be nice on your lap on a snuggly evening in...hope you are feeling better soon too XXXX

  3. Utterly splendid, please bring to knitting next week so we can drool over it!

  4. wow, i'm not surprised you are pleased with it, it's fabulous! i wish i could crochet!! love your blog :)

  5. Oh this is beautiful...!! The colours are gorgeous, I adore the muted tones. This pattern is one of my faves. I have to confess to never having completed a blanket though... I'm a cushion kinda gal myself ;-) ... Maybe one day.

    LOVE your blog!!!

    Louise xx

  6. Oh my goodness this is so pretty...I'm desperate (proper desperate!!) to get my hands on this pattern, and even more so now I've seen this beauty!, but trying to get hold of Mollie Makes issue 2 is like trying to get hold of gold


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