Thursday, 16 February 2012

Spring is on its way...

Today there is absolutely, definitively something very 'Spring-like' in the air. The light has changed, today is longer and the promise of summer is stretching out before me. I am very much loving life at the moment, I don't want to wish my life away.

I have a wonderful man who buys me gorgeous spring tulips, and who was a wonderful support to me and my family when we made the difficult trip to mg grandfather's funeral on Monday.

I have a wonderful circle of crafty friends- Interesting, creative people- some of whom I've known only a month or a year, but each of whom inspire me every day.

And I have a lovely home, which is filled with light, life and love.
I cannot wait to play outside on the (yet to be laid) lawn, peg out my laundry and watch my boy grow. He is the absolute light of my life, and is incredible in every way.

I am enjoying a naughty piece of cake and admiring the very beautiful new Lionheart magazine, featuring the work of local artist Georgia Coote, whose textile designs are absolute gobsmackingly gorgeous.
Life is good.


  1. What a lovely celebration of good things

  2. thank goodness spring is rearing its lovely head!!

  3. Thank you very very much for the mention on your wonderful blog!x


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