Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Granny love

I have embraced the way of the granny lately. Influenced in absolutely no doubt by blogland and my new favourite book The Suitcase Series Volume 2: Dottie Angel- the peachy crafty world of Tif Fussell, I am like a fiend, hunting down mid-century retro furniture, vintage items and ugly/pretty vintage fabrics. My Mr is not too sure about this new direction, but it's something I have been attempting since I decided this time last year to join Dottie Angel's Challenge of the Utmost Kind.
*a little string of happy*

Myself and my Mr are very much 'Make Do and Mend' types anyway, so this challenge was only a little difficult. So far, I've managed to add very few 'new' items to the home and wardrobe, and managing to boot sale, thrift, charity shop and make my way to a new home and wardrobe. Of course eBay and Etsy have helped too.
*etsy fabrics and crocheted flags*
I have a secret stash of doilies procured from charity shops, ready to be whipped up into something delightful, some fabulous fabrics that will be turned into wedding decorations, and lots and lots of yarn waiting to become something loved and cherished. I have been given china and glassware, yarn and tins, all in my love for secondhand and thriftiness. And boy have I done well!
*dottie angel items made into a little string of happy*

I have got a set of lovely shelves and some teapots and fabric (as well as gorgeous light shade) from the boot sales, countless clothes and curios from the charity shops, furniture and fabrics from the vintage store, a number of items rescued from people's lofts and garages (including my mother's old Ercol dining chair) and of course so many handmade things I can't count them all.

This weekend we welcomed some new additions to the home. This vintage chair came from my favourite vintage shop- I flippin love that orange upholstery! I think the chair (along with the ercol one) will be painted white...if I can be bothered! I also need to paint our big living room mirror (also a freebie) white, and some gold frames we picked up at the boot sale for pennies.
Another new addition is this rather spiffy new ottoman, proudly looking scuffed and worn with its brown floral cloak. it is currently full of my fabrics and yarn stash (some of it anyhow!).
All in all, I have only a few failures to my name when it comes to the Challenge of the Utmost Kind. Namely two: Cath Kidston and Ikea. The only new items (besides underwear, hosiery and everyday tops/vests/jeans) to my wardrobe come from Cath Kidston, and actually all of them were bought in the sale or on eBay. So I don't feel too guilty. I also have paid two visits to the big blue Swedish place. I grabbed a new table for my little one's bedroom to match his vintage chairs from his grandmother, and I bought a new stool (waiting for a crochet jacket) and a bathroom shelving unit on Sunday. I could be a lot worse, eh?

*an Etsy find (thanks to Dottie Angel)*

I have loved this challenge- it has definitely made me re-think the way I shop and dress, decorate and think. Vintage, retro, handmade and thrifty; this is me from now on.

There is now only a few more days left of voting for the Dorset Cereals Little Blogger Awards! If you like me, and want me to win an egg cup and a coveted badge of honour for my little blog, then please go and vote for me, using the badge on the right there.

Happy grannying!


  1. Oh good luck on the challenge I also did it and a year on I still don't really buy anything new it really made me think about whether I really need to buy or just wanted too....haven't cut back on second hand shopping tho!

    String of happy looks super on the wonderful cabinet Rxx

  2. You've done so well. I am trying hard not to buy too many new things and it's going well so far. I have also cut back on trips to charity shops as I was just buying stuff without really thinking about whether I could do without it. More bags full of stuff going to the charity shops soon, the clear out continues! Love the fabric on that chair too and my other half also raises his eyebrows fairly regularly at my choices in home decor! x

  3. I just love your alternative attitude to making your home so individual & the fact you are so thrifty Kath, keep up the good work & great style, you cant beat a bit of recycling just love those bargains xx

  4. Charity shops are my weakness Julia! I cannot walk past without going in one...but I usually find something wonderful in any trip to town. Just a few days we found the perfect beanbag/armchair for the little man in his red/white/blue colour scheme- £3.50!
    Making my string of happy was one of my most favourite 'instant gratification' makes of all time, Rachelle. I love it there on the cabinet!


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