Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Project List: New!

The world of Pinterest has opened up a whole new realm of inspiration to me. Stored on my boards are images of beautiful yarns crafted into delightful sumptuous blankets, cute slippers and soft cushions. I've also stored pictures of bouquets, table decorations and dresses for my wedding inspiration, and it has really focussed my style inspiration both in my wardrobe and around my home. This fresh inspiration has led me to this: a new project list for 2012! I have decided to work on one major project each month, and try and complete it within that month. Of course, there will lots of little projects to get that 'instant' crafting gratification we all need from time to time.

 So here is a little list of what's coming up at inverleith. For January, I am determined to finish the Nico dress I started YONKS ago. I also started Albie's bedrooms curtains last week, and I'll finish them at the weekend. I can't wait to show you his spruced up room! He refuses to sleep in it of course but he'll drop off eventually. He has to, hasn't he? I'm also working on my wrist warmers knitting pattern for you, and have made a couple of little gifts too, all will be shared at the end of each month.

*February: Ripple time*
 The above picture is from Flickr- the Ripple-along Attic24 and Little Tin Bird group. The photographer is toby' mum- I just LOVE her ripply blanket. The colours are amazing, don't you think? My colours are now finally chosen, and the delicious stash is complete. Feast yours peepers on this:
 Sorry about the blurry picture- although it accurately conveys the softness of this luxurious yarn. I have purchased this in drips and drabs- it was reasonably expensive although it is discontinued. The shades are: (left to right ) Blush 703 - Rocky 718 - Marmalade 715 - New Leaf 720 - Spinach 710 - Chalk 702 - Heather 705 - Sky 721 - Onion 713
Beauteous, non? 30 balls of delicious yarn ready to be worked into glorious ripples. I am so excited about this I want to begin right away, now my stash is complete. However, I will wait. Bide my time. As I have a dress to finish first.

After this, some knitty time I think.

*Bow Belles Top*

Yes these two combined will make something cute and totally granny-ish to wear! Of course I can knit and crochet projects at the same time, non? Of course. So here is my next inspiration...

*Jane Brocket's gorgeously summery sunburst granny square picnic blanket*

It will look so fabulous on the lawn with a glass of Pimm's. Of course I have already planned and purchased my stash for this, though I will add some more stash if I come across it. The pattern is from The Gentle Art of Knitting ( a new read which I must share with you all) Wanna see the prodigal yarn then? Ok.

So the colours I have purchased so far, in lovely, posh, light and soft Rowan Pure Wool DK are:
Row 1: 046 Tudor Rose- 006 Pier - 015 Barley - 013 Enamel
Row 2: 037 Port - 020 Parsley - 048 Clay - 013 Enamel
Row 3: 003 Anthracite (Underneath 013 Enamel) - 007 Cypress - 045 Mimosa - 013 Enamel
As you know, I've worked up one square in the yarn as a tester- and I love it! Beautiful and textural, it'll make a gorgeous blanket. Eventually!

And after that, I think maybe one of these:

*Pip Licolne's Hexagons from Meet Me at Mike's*
Aren't they gorgeous? I am thinking something huge and special- using Stylecraft Special DK in fact. I know the colours will be amazing. Isn't Pip's glorious?

Well there is a lot to be getting along with there. I am teaching my first (ripply) crochet class on Thursday- see my Workshops tab for more details. I have drafted my lesson plan (oh-er) and I think it'll be a great class for beginners looking to progress on from granny squares and flowers.
And a small matter of work and home life to fit in! I have two pairs of curtains to finish and four rooms to decorate. So plenty of creative moments to share with all of your very soon.

Happy hooking!


  1. That's a pretty good list of projects to keep you busy!

  2. so many projects, so much lovely yarn. Good luck with them all

  3. Ooh I love the Bow Belles top! And I am also very keen to start on some ripple-y blankety goodness myself this year. Ah too many projects, too little time! I look forward to seeing your results at the end of each month :) Hx


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