Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Crafty Victory #2

It's so grey here. It's cold, too. The cold and grey has permeated somewhat, left me feeling as though I need a burst of sunshine and colour. Despite the sun's pitiful attempts to come out, it is hard to get any decent photos, so I've held off blogging some of my favourite makes from this month.
However, last week I very proudly completed crafty victory #2. After mastering my sewing machine, Betsey, I actually sat down and finished a pair of curtains. 'Wowsers! Aren't you clever, Kath?' I hear you murmur. And I say 'Yes! I am rather. Do you see?' Well really I am not the clever one, because it was all taught to me at Make, Do & Mend, waaaaaaaaaaaay back in August.
On Thursday last I got handy and crafty, and finally put up the curtain pole in Albie's bedroom and I hereby declared his room to be 'finished.'

Made-to-measure curtains, made especially for my little man. The fabric I used is Cath Kidston Star in Stone, and I had 3m- £18 per metre, and peanuts really for the blackout lining from eBay. All-in-all they cost around £60 I think, though I paid £36 for the workshop. They're just perfect for his room, making it feel so warm and cosy.
 Cotbed: John Lewis Picture frames, Chest of drawers, Toy Storage, Table: Ikea
 Rug: Laura Ashley Bunting: Gisela Graham
 Hooks: Sass & Belle Towel: Cath Kidstom
Blanket: Made my moi
Chairs: Vintage

So there you have it! A bit different to this view hey?

We have done this pretty thiftily really. I put some John Lewis birthday vouchers towards a new cot bed, and we got the union jack rug in the sale. My mother gave me the chairs- they were hers as a child, then mine and now Albie's. We were given the changing unit, and D already had the little chest of drawers and globe lamp. So we just bought the red table and toy storage from Ikea and painted the walls 'Egyptian Cotton'. Now, a word about Egyptian Cotton. It came out a dark beige on the walls- YUCK. So we mixed in rather a lot of white and created this pale putty off-white colour. It feels so bright and fresh now! Not that you can tell from my bad photography.


  1. Looks absolutely lovely! I'd love a bedroom that cute!!

    Good note re the Egyptian Cotton, I was considering that for a spot of redecorating but might have a rethink now!

  2. Well done you for the Curtains! I made some once. They were massive for massive windows and they took forever. Never attempted making any again as it put me off! Maybe next time i'll start small! ha ha! Loving the room makeover xxxxxxxxxx

  3. That's an amazing transformation- looks great!!!


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