Thursday, 10 November 2011

Makery central

As usual I have been slack with updating posts. But what do you think of the design? I hope it's more interesting, though I wish I could take decent pictures and display them beautifully like some of my blogging buddies.

However, my skills lie elsewhere. It was my birthday on Friday last, almost a week ago now. That means there is only 51 weeks left until I turn 30. In the meantime we will be getting married and hopefully getting pregnant with baby number two. In reality I will be lucky to make a pair of curtains in this time frame. My curtain making days draw ever nearer however, with the addition of some new crafty friends to the makery fold here at Inverleith.

My beloved spoilt me rotten on my birthday, and bought me...
A vintage sewing box! Which I duly filled with buttons, ribbons, threads, nik knaks and all my Cath Kidston haberdashery supplies.
And also this! Her name is Betsey, and she is a second-hand (1970s) Frister + Rossman machine. She needs a new bulb, but besides that is in perfect working order. Now I just need to learn how to use her! Luckily I was given a voucher for a Make, Do & Mend scatter cushion workshop, so once I have done the curtains I can get stuck into patchwork and zips. Yippeee! The 1950s table was a present too.
 Two new books...have you been watching Kirstie's Handmade Britain? I am enjoying it very much, though not learning very much. The book is lovely though and there are plenty of beautiful things to make.
As usual, some more stash-busting has been occurring...
 Sorry about the rubbish picture of me. It is an ear warmer! Made from the last scraps of some nice Twilley's yarn bought last month, and some khaki stylecraft acrylic, plus a vintage wooden button from the charity shop. Nothing goes to waste here!
And lastly, a chunky circle stitch cowl made from the Click Chunky I purchased last week. The pattern is from here, and isn't nearly as lovely as hers. But it's warm and snuggly and I love the charcoal colour. It was an easy pattern really once I got stuck in, and will be the model for Christmas pressies.

Well, the little man beckons once more. He was a terrible sleeper last night, I am shattered. On days like today I wonder if I am mad to want more children. I wish I had a tidy home with no sticky fingerprints, and blissful sleep-filled nights. That's why I love blogging. On dreary days like today I can retreat into a world where my yarn obsession is not only matched, but completely applauded, where people have lovely floral granny curtains without their husbands 'putting their foot down' about the Cath Kidston and bunting ban and where women like me have Cornishware and craft rooms.

Best get back to reality otherwise I'll stay here forever...


  1. Lovely vintage/crafty gifts! That sewing box is like mine, they are so handy!! I have sewing machine problems too, mainly not know what all the dials do, need someone to explain it all so I can make proper use of it! Crochet is much simpler...

  2. Wow, what gorgeous pressies! Love them all!

    The cowl is gorgeous are just so pretty! I might have to add one to the endless list of 'wantie'makes' I have lined up! ha ha!

    Have a super weekend!

    Vanessa xxx

  3. Late happy birthday wishes to you. I have a very similar vintage sewing box that my lovely man found for me. So much storage, so useful, and idea's of whoever has crafted from those little drawers before....

  4. I also have one of those Frister+Rossman Moodel 45 sewing machines. It was one of my Grandads treasured posessions, so I also have a soft spot for it.

    But I hadn't thought about naming it...

    ...until now..!


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