Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Autumn Days

I just love this time of year, as I'm sure you already know. Days are mostly sunny and dry here, with not a nip in the air at all. And the autumn colours are breath-taking.
 Like the leaves on the Japanese maple in the garden. SO glad I took these pictures: the wind took the leaves clean off last night and the little tree is now bare!
 New slipper socks. Mmmmm, cosy.
 New halloween friends...
 And new yarn! I just cannot help myself...
 I love these autumnal colours, nestled in my new Tesco/Orla Kiely project bag. In there we have some Sublime Baby Merino Silk DK-MMMMMMMMmmmmmm I LOVE this SO much! What to do with it? Also, some Sirdar Click Chunky DK- the grey is being worked into a lovely chunky cowl for moi. You can also see the Nico dress in its lovely Debbie Bliss Merino Aran. I am coming to a halt with the dress. I crocheted the panels too small so the dress was coming up tiny. Too small for moi! So I am adding an extra row of panels to the width, and to the length. So I need to crochet another 12 or so panels, block and press them and join them...and I only have three balls of the yarn left. 50g balls. Dang, so I will make as much of it as possible and just wait for eBay to  have some come up. Fingers crossed, or I will be unwinding it and starting over...
 Some stash-busting too of course- a curtain tie-back from Cute and Easy Crochet...
And that's it! It is my birthday on Friday. I can't believe how quickly this past year has gone. Only a year since we spend the day in Dedham and at Flatford, and Albie was just a small little baby. Now he is a boy, and we have moved into a beautiful new home, with our wedding coming up in June. Things have certainly moved on! I am so pleased to have been blogging all this time, making new cyber friends, seeking new inspiration and sharing my experiences. Of course, the project list is as long as my arm so there's at least another five years of blogging in me...


  1. The days are certainly getting nippier! Your yarn stash looks so lovely. The dress will be awesome! Have a super Birthday on friday!


  2. Shame to hear you're having problems with the dress, I hope you find more of the yarn. If it doesn't work out maybe you could turn it into a top or a shawl? Would be sad to unravel it all after so many hours of work.


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