Friday, 31 December 2010

Christmastime 2010

So the past week and a half has been spent in a haze of food, snowballs (who knew advocaat is delicious?), cooking, presents and of course friends and family. My christmas kitchen saw a flurry of activity the week before christmas with homemade gifts as usual being the main focus. I made Jamie Oliver's Cheeky Chilli Chutney, Nigella's Chilli Jelly (looks beautiful, don't you think?), Gingerbread stars and snowflakes (yum yum), Rocky Road bars (SO good), and you can also see D's Twitty Fee chutney pictured.

On Christmas Eve I lit the candles around the home, mulled some cider and got to work on my Christmas ham. Guests dropped by for tea and treats and the house was so warm and cosy!

After the little man finally went to bed (he was very excited, he didn't go to sleep until about 10.30pm) we wrapped his presents and filled the space under the tree with gifts. So much for not buying him anything! He had a stocking full of small toys, bath toys then a couple of presents full of toys, clothes etc.

We woke on Christmas morning nice and late, having brought Albie into bed with us early. We got up about 8.45am (that's late when you have small babies!) and I made scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and proper Buck's Fizz for brekkie. So decadent- but that's the point of Christmas! D had truffle eggs as he is a vegetarian.

And here he is! Looking ridiculously cute in his Christmas dressing gown! With all the treats enticing him around the tree, young Albie started crawling on Christmas day! He loved it, getting amongst the tree and chomping all the wrapping paper, presents and ribbon. He got a drum, some clothes, a cute melamine plate, cup and bowl set and some lovely toys from my friends- more lovely clothes and an electric guitar. On Christmas morning we went over to D's sister's house where we opened presents, drank tea and let the boys play togther. She has a baby three months older than Albie, and all of Theo's dancing, crawling and playing really encouraged Albie to be more mobile. So sweet watching them play and interact.

Here he is in his scrumptious winter romper, chomping on the drumstick. He has cut a couple of new teeth the past few days and until yesterday he wasn't bothered at all by them. He's been SO good the past week. On Christmas Day we went to my mum's for dinner. We drank plenty of wine, and ate lots of fabulous food. My mum cooked a lovely turkey with lemon and thyme stuffing, Delia's red cabbage, roasties, sprouts, devils and angels on horseback and buttery glazed carrots. YUM! And my mum made a Christmas pudding which was amazing. With a lovely rum-scented cream. Needless to say it was about 9pm before we were ready to eat again!

Boxing Day was spent at my Dad's, with a lovely buffet complete with Marilyn's hostess trolley. Turkey, ham, glazed sausages from the local butcher's, and so much more! We played Articulate, had cuddles with the baby opening his amazing pressies and played with my niece's awesome Sylvanian Families treehouse. The latter part of this week I have been chilling out at home, tidying and finding new homes for all the New Stuff, building barriers to stop Albie pulling down the Christmas tree, installing a stairgate and a new TV- perfect for the Wii D got me for Christmas! Yes, I am a spoilt little girl. With the New Year approaching, it's time to relax with a cuppa, watch Mary Poppins and start thinking of some New Year Resolutions I can keep. Happy New Year everybody!

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  1. Hello

    I love your gingerbread snowflakes - what a great idea. And your home looks very nice and cosy - exact opposite of ours which is a complete building site at the moment.

    Best Wishes for 2011,


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