Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Bathroom Blog

The past few weekends have been a little chaotic in our teeny tiny bathroom. We have been transforming the drab, dull, and downright dated bathroom into a light, bright space that won't put buyers off. See? Isn't it lovely now? OK, so you don't know what it looked like before but you can revel in its all-new Loveliness. Of course, in keeping with the rest of Inverleith, we have given it a vintage makeover that should hopefully make buyers think 'oooh, isn't this house full of period charm?'. I think it maybe needs a couple more touches- a pretty light pull maybe and a toilet paper holder. I will scour the web later, hopefully my favourite Brighton shop, Velvet, might have something online. I love these little lighthouses!To begin our bathroom odessey, D scraped off the old grey paint off the ceiling, washed down the wall above the picture rail and painted the lot this soft sage colour. It's a pale green, which perfectly complements the teal towels. Then I painted the naff 80s tiles white. Damn that took ages. Masking, and then using a little roller to paint layers and layers of white tile paint. I even had to get behind the loo and give the whole scenario a fresh new look.
Then, we hung this white wire caddy on the tiled walls. D got to use drill bits he had never used before, so was very pleased with his 'handy' new status around the house. I got this french vintage print years ago, but got this lovely frame from Ikea and that went up too, as well as a white linen blind from Ikea. There was just bare window before so a little fabric makes the room feel a lot warmer.

And so does this bunting! Picked up from a vintage fair last Spring. The mirror was a vintage find and was in the bedroom before. But what bathroom is complete without a mirror?

Finally we hung a pretty white capiz lampshade from Homebase, which has a lovely glow when lit, and the ripped off the cracked plastic old bath panels and got some tongue-and-groove ones. D painted them white and fitted them on Sunday. Oh, and he also painted the floor white. So, all in all we've pretty much done everything we can without changing the fixtures and fittings, which would have been pretty pricey. I love the period feel of the tiny bathroom- the original door and funny little window to the landing, the picture rail and the high, high ceiling. Hopefully the bright new look will help give the little space a feeling of a cavernous roman bath. Can't wait to run a bubble bath and sink back with the new Country Living later. Mmmmmm.

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