Monday, 2 May 2016

Me Made May 2016

Over the past couple of years, I've quietly been building my handmade wardrobe. It was a challenge I set myself in April 2014, when I made my first garment- a Colette Sorbetto top. I made two more, then branched out to other patterns, mainly those that didn't involve any kind of fastening!

Since then, I've made several garments, enough that I've decided to take part in Me Made May 2016. The challenge, laid down by the So, Zo... blog, asks those taking part to make a pledge on what to do to take part, and think about how it will improve your sewing, inspire you through interacting via the #mmmay16 hashtag on social media, and think about your wardrobe demands and needs.

So, without further ado! I, Kath Webber, pledge to wear something handmade everyday throughout the month of May. I hope to identify the types of clothing I need from my everyday wardrobe, be inspired by other people's daily outfits and style up some of my beloved pieces in exciting, new, wearable ways.

Partly I want to challenge myself to wear those dresses and woven tops I have lovingly stitched, re-fashioned and crocheted or knitted, and see how well I can function with a pared-back wardrobe. It's day two of the challenge, and already I've been so inspired by the hashtag on Instagram that I've ordered a PDF of a French top pattern ready to be assembled! Another aspect of my pledge will be to try two new patterns in May. These will be a the Republique du Chiffon Marthe Blouse and the Christine Haynes Emery dress. I've been wanting to sew the Emery dress for the past two years, and with the aid of Miss Clarice (my new-to-me Singer Confidence machine) I can achieve it! I want more versatility from my handmade wardrobe so I think it will push me into looking into more patterns for knit fabrics, like Tilly's Agnes pattern. We'll see how I get on with my Cocos first! Of course I can pair my shop-bought jersey tops with hand-sewn skirts or layer them with my many Dottie Angel frocks. Follow me on Instagram to see how I get on!

Happy making folks xxx


  1. Could I be sensing an entry on the Great British Sewing Bee by a certain someone? You should go for it, you'd be ace x x

  2. Good luck! This always sounds like a fun challenge, and a great reason to get busy making. Look forward to seeing your makes!


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