Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Hello friends! Thank you all for your lovely comments welcoming me back to blogland. I have lots to write, but don't want to put undue pressure on myself, I'll just pop in and blog when I feel like it, or if I feel like it.

During my absence I have been busy building up my sewing skills. Some projects have gone well, and others have not gone so well. But in the interests of sharing my successes I thought I'd show you my latest make! Readers that have been visiting here for a while will know my love of Tilly and the Buttons, a fabulous blogger and pattern designer who was made famous by appearing as a contestant on the Great British Sewing Bee! In November 2014 I bought her Françoise dress pattern, and it has sat rather forlornly on my shelves ever since. Frankly I was slightly intimidated by it- there was a fantastic sewalong at the time with all sorts of fitting instructions which all looks a bit scary to me. Not to mention the invisible zip. I have been struggling to find an invisible zipper foot for my old machine for some time, and have avoided patterns with invisible zips, or attempted to use my adjustable zip foot. I had some success with that, but really liked the neat look of the real deal. Number 9! This is a second hand machine that I bought when Make, Do & Mend sadly closed its doors in December. It's a Singer Confidence, and couldn't be more different to Miss Betsy. It's all so easy! Too easy, I'm not sure I trust it yet, that's why it's still called Number 9. It has a toploading bobbin, automatic needle threader, LOADS of stitch options, a buttonhole foot, storage and removable arm thingy and lots of other features I will probably never use.

And this is the first thing I've made with it!

It was great fun to make, and as you can see, easy to wear! I cut a size 5 in Tilly sizes, and am thrilled with the fit. I have large hips but decided against sizing up on the hips as I didn't want the A-line to turn into a big bell shape skirt. I think it hugs the hips nicely! Obviously I've made the sleeveless version, it had to be really in this gorgeous rust needlecord (purchased from Plush Addict). The skirt is short, but cheeky rather than provocative, and I'll always be wearing it with thick woolly tights anyway.

I think next time I will be a version with sleeves and a collar, this is my inspiration (as ever):
I *Heart* Suzy Bishop, the leading lady in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. I will need to draft some cuffs though. And source the perfect textured peachy-pink or mustard fabric.

Today I'm wearing my Françoise with a long sleeve jersey top and woolly tights and my black knee-high boots. I was hoping to wear it with my aubergine t-bat clogs but there was a freak snow flurry on the school run this morning so I opted for warmth! Hence my beehive got flattened by my beret. FML, amirite? Or something equally nonsensical and teenage. Also WHOA look at that double chin! Cripes! I did lose half a stone in January, hoping to continue to lose a little more weight this month so my clothes fit a little better.

Anyway, until next time, happy hooking, stitching and bitching.



  1. Bravo...looks fab, you have the talent and figure to pull this off! ;) xxx

  2. It so suites you and looks gorgeous with your hairstyle xxx very pretty!

  3. It so suites you and looks gorgeous with your hairstyle xxx very pretty!

  4. Big love for the beehive, and your lovely Wes/60s-style makes! Congrats on the new sewing machine - hope you two become firm friends :)

  5. It is lovely being able to read your blogs again! That is a very smart looking sewing machine, you lucky duck. I keep wondering about a few additional feet for mine-will an invisible zipper foot really result in suddenly perfect looking zips? If so, I should make that purchase! A gorgeous dress - love the colour and your style...

  6. you are just the cutest! congrats xxxxx

  7. What a gorgeous dress - you talented lady! So glad you're back sharing your lovely projects, and congratulations on 91 magazine!


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