Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Southwold...again. And always.

On Sunday we drove to Southwold. We'd had a rough couple of weeks with my husband having a fall and nasty head injury, a school boy with a chest infection and sickness, and me dealing with too many deadlines. All of which overlapped on Mother's Day. So this was a belated treat for me- for all of us to be together in a place we know and love. 

We had a mini holiday- lunch in The Red Lion, a walk along the beach, a bimble around the shops (I always buy a book in Southwold) and a stroll along the pier. Perfect. 


  1. Now that does sound like a perfect day... though I would include a stop at two magpie bakery. Yum! Hope all are feeling better

  2. Sorry things have been a bit rough lately, but it looks like you all had a really wonderful day out. We always make a beeline for the bookshops as well. Beautiful photos. CJ xx

  3. Just perfect......hope you're all on the mend :) xxx

  4. LOVE Southwold, we never went last year, must go this summer!


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