Monday, 2 June 2014

Just sitting

Sunday was a good day. After a busy week with half term from pre-school and a on-the-cusp-of-walking George, I've barely had time to breathe. So yesterday my mission was to sit. Watch the husband potter in the garden, put the bubble machine on for the children, and play with my basket of bright, colourful acrylics.

I managed to get a few motifs done for my Wood & Wool style Fika cushion.

but mainly just gazed at my lovely happy garland I made at A Crafty Day at Hope & Elvis.

Of course I was interrupted every five minutes with the children's demands. But it was good while it lasted. 

Did you manage any al fresco crochet?

Happy hooking


  1. No crochet here unfortunately, my day was shopping, opticians appointment for middle daughter & cooking a massive dinner!! Hoping for some crochet time today. Looks like you had a lovely day, gorgeous photos!xx

  2. Yes I did.....and isn't it lovely.....fab bunting! :) x

  3. Does knitting in the car count? We were on our way to a nature reserve. Lovely colours, especially that mustard!

  4. I managed a sunny crochet at the bouncy pillow where P, well bounced, for hours! Such a dreamy spot you made for your crochet...

  5. Sounds like you all enjoyed some 'yarn therapy' over the warm weekend! Thanks for sharing everyone :) I love to hear what you've all been doing and how you fit it all in around children and home life. I think it's important to find that balance.


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