Monday, 5 May 2014

Colour Crush: HOT pink

 I have become obsessed with neon pink. I blame Selina Lake. I love the way it peps up pastels, and looks gorgeous with gold. I've never been drawn to pink, but lately I just love it. As usual, I limit my colour obsessions to my crafting. I'm just not sure I am young and cool enough to WEAR hot pink. But I sure love to craft with it!

L-R: Necklace was handmade by me at a fab workshop taught by Lotts and Lots' Charlotte; see her blog for me neon tutorials; Candy Pink cotton aran by Rico, odd buttons and pink hooks from back issues of Mollie Makes, Stylecraft Special DK in Fiesta, Clover Amour 3.5mm hook from Wool Warehouse. 

I love flashes of hot pink on my nails, too, and adore Pink Bikini Shellac, and have the most gorgeous hot pink MAC lipstick ('Flat out Fabulous'), as well as an awesome Accessorize backpack adorned with neon pink beads that my Nan gave to me. Personally I love it with plain stripes and jeans, and often wear my neon collar necklace with a plain grey tee to show off the bright colours. 

For me, you can't beat hot pink for an instant tropical flash.

Follow more colour adventures over on instagram, under the hashtag's basically a worldwide colour crush! 


  1. Love me a bit of hot pink too xox

  2. Your necklace is gorgeous... and love the way the neon pink Stylecraft wool looks like it is glowing in the photograph!


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